‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Describes Her Recent Steamy Hot Experience

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is a woman of few words so when she describes a steamy hot experience as the best she ever had, ears perk up. Apparently, this even-keeled Sister Wives mom discovered A gem stored among her holiday decorations.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes a Discovery

Janelle Brown explains she found this item in a box that she only opens once a year. Usually, it sits out as a decoration and untouched for the holiday season. Then she puts it away for another year.

Janelle affiliates this item with the holidays. So she’s kept it with all the decorations. But it seems the Sister Wives celeb felt this inanimate object brought a  warmness to the house.

She rationalized this for her fans by saying it feels the item has a feel of winter. It’s not necessarily just for the holidays.

Like many other people out there today weathering this changed world, Janelle looks for comfort. She also wanted to keep some spirit going in her house. She happened to like the item. So, this Sister Wives mom of six left it out to look at and enjoy.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

There’s More to Pretty Than Meets the Eye

Then for some reason, she decided to use this Sister Wives item for what it was made for. This discovery gave Janelle Brown something that she dubbed… a great cup of coffee.

All those years this “simple” percolator pot sat among her Christmas decorations. It was toted out once a year for a short period of time. Then the Sister Wives mother tucked it away for another year.

Janelle decided to update her fans about what this old-fashioned coffee pot and the joy that it brought her along with what it spouted forth.

Many of the fans of this TLC reality show consider this spouse one of the more level-headed among Kody Brown’s four women. So many follow her to get tips to use around their own kitchen. It looks like she just gave them another one for their daily activities

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Coffee Pot


Sister Wives: The Best Cup Of Java Ever

Janelle Brown sparked quite a bit of feedback with her old-fashioned pot. This Sister Wives java drinker seemed to hit a chord for many of her followers.

It seemed as if she opened the flood gates for the folks who follow her. Apparently, she gave them the green light to make confessions. So, many of her fans described how they found that same type of extra comfort today that Janelle found with this percolating coffee pot.

People left one of their favorite Christmas items out or in some cases, they just decked the halls and still. Janelle Brown and her fans don’t care about being seasonally correct, as long as it makes them happy.

This Sister Wives‘ spouse went just a bit further. Not only is the pot lovely to look at, but it also seems that Janelle Brown finds that it makes a great cup of coffee.

So, along with a new focus of comfort and warmth to look at in her house, she now has great hot cups of java.

It seems her fans who own the same type of simple tin percolator agree that it offers up a great-tasting cup of hot and steamy coffee. It also gave some of her Sister Wives followers the idea to bring out that same coffee pot stored in the back of their cabinets from days gone by.

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