Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Solves Mystery – It Doesn’t Work That Way

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is the wife that inevitably wins the number one spot when polls ask fans to pick their favorite co-wive. That’s probably because Janelle appears as the Sister Wives member who is most like the people in the audience.

Sister Wives: The Level Headed One – Janelle Brown

Despite being a celebrity on a reality show, she’s the wife who is less likely to spin drama around her lifestyle. This Sister Wives mom and wife said many times how she entered into this plural marriage with both eyes open.

This Sister Wives plural marriage rattles with discontent once and a while. But when this happens Janelle becomes the voice of reason for Kody Brown or one of her co-wives.

Since the last season ended, Kody left an impression with the TLC reality series fans that they still can’t shake. His blowup in the therapist’s office centered on his life with Meri Brown. But fans thought the Sister Wives patriarch sounded as if a monogamous relationship looks better and better to him these days.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Squeeze His Woes Into Lemonade

When life offers lemons, Janelle Brown tends to make a batch of Sister Wives lemonade. So for lack of a better term to describe how Janelle handled Kody’s unraveling when last seen on Sister Wives, she made lemonade.

Janelle seemed to squeeze Kody and his problems into a batch of that sweet and sour beverage. She never let it be known in public that Kody questioning this Sister Wives lifestyle after three decades bothered her at all.

Nope, instead, it appears she got into Hallmark TV. There she could watch the drama and not worry about it. Cryptic messages or open-ended complaints might come from a few of her co-wives. But that’s not her style.

So it likes like this Sister Wives lady isn’t letting Kody’s financial woes and pro-longed mid-life crisis get in the way of the holidays. Instead of wallowing, Janelle enjoys what the Hallmark Channel offers these days.

Sister Wives :Janelle Brown Hallmark Movies

Sister Wives:  Mystery Hovers Over The Man With a Beard

Not only is Janelle Brown watching these Hallmark movies, but she’s also a jump ahead of the scenes before they roll out. It seems this fan-favorite wife from Sister Wives points to the photo above of a seemingly modern-looking Santa Claus.

Janelle Brown throws out an observation that probably most who watch these movies can equate with. It’s a Christmas movie and a guy shows up looking like the one in the photo above. Usually, he calls himself Chris or Nick, Janelle suggests.

This amazes Janelle that none of the other characters in the movie just ask the guy the obvious question. That is – “hey, wait a min, aren’t you Santa?”

This Sister Wives movie watcher breaks the mystery wide open right from her own living room. She’s already telling her fans not to expect anyone in that move to ask the obvious question. That’s because it’s not going to happen.

It’s the same thing in a slew of Hallmark, Lifetime, or cable movies over the holidays. It appears Janelle Brown said it for all the holiday movie watchers out there.

Yes, those bearded older men that traditionally show up in a holiday movie really are Santa. For the movie’s sake anyway. Despite the blue double-breasted coat taking the place of a red suit, yep… that’s  Santa. But you’ve got to wait until that man somehow conveys this because not a soul is going to ask him.

So anyway, fans are happy to see the only drama this Sister Wives celeb mom is wrapped up in these days comes to her from Hallmark.

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