‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Nip and Tuck a Few Years Away? [Photos]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have a subtle change to his looks these days that appeared to take place over the last season of the TLC series. Now that Kody is getting older is he opening his eyes to things that he never did before? Or did he get a little nip and tuck help to his new wide-eye look?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tightens it Up a Bit?

Over the past decade of this popular reality show, the Sister Wives husband seemed to sport a facial grimace probably best described as stern. But suddenly Kody Brown’s face looks more relaxed and his eyes look more open than usual.

If he appeared this way in just one or two shots, then you could blame the lighting or angle of the camera. But that’s not the case. This look doesn’t change when the lighting alternates.

It appears Kody may have had an eyelift, suggests a few observant fans. His eyebrows once seemed to droop over his eyes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

One fan suggested the Sister Wives patriarch has the same look as another famous face. His eyes do look similar to the late great Kenny Rogers after he had his facial procedure. The iconic country singer was very open about his plastic surgery.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Vanity Is His Middle Name – Just Ask His Wives

Sister Wives viewers know Kody is vain. His wives have said this in the past. Kody’s daily hairstyling routine takes about an hour, according to his wives. He demonstrated his ritual on the show. In the season before last, his blowdrying routine was brutal.

He used attachments to his hairdryer, like a defuser. Then came the styling products to get every hair in place. He’s been known to drive his wives nuts waiting for him to get ready for an outing.

Kody thinks so much of his hair that his wives dubbed his curly mane his fifth wife. So, it’s more than apparent the Sister Wives shared husband cares a great deal about his looks.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Before and After

Sister Wives: Difference In Kody Eyebrows?

Some fans noticed a difference in Kody Brown’s facial features. But other Sister Wives followers did not see it until it was pointed out. He does seem to open his eyes wider than before. But that’s because he had that little droop that hovered over his eyes at one time. Now it seems minimized today.

Only Kody Brown knows for sure if he had some outside help in the looks department lately. Maybe his Sister Wives ladies know as well. But no one is talking. The leader of the Sister Wives clan is just coming off a grueling season. It seems as if he embarked on endless battles with three out of his four wives.

The Sister Wives spouses didn’t engage in little spats. No, they were full-blown out verbal battles. The season ended rather abruptly for fans. It ended without any heads up that episode 15 would turn out to be the season finale for Season 14.

Now the waiting game starts. Sister Wives enthusiasts watch for a renewal or cancellation notice from TLC. Will Season 16 materialize for Kody Brown and his four wives? After what viewers witnessed this season, the fans can’t help but wonder. If it does, will he have four wives left or will the number go down a bit?

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