‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Family Update – One Wife Watches Her Step Another Baffled by Bearded Guy

Sister Wives star Kody Brown remains out of the public eye but his co-wives offer up their latest moves including an incident with their shared hubby. So far, two of Kody Brown’s co-wives confirmed that there’s a new season on the way. But until it arrives, fans are curious as to what the Sister Wives are up to today.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all held the attention of the fans since the last season rolled to a close. News from Kody rarely emerges but once in a while, one of his co-wives offers a clue on Kody’s latest antics. Still, one wife remains hidden from the Sister Wives followers and that’s Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Irritates Christine Brown?

A few of the Sister Wives clan members are known to refer to a few little ditties about Papa Brown now and then. It just so happens the Sister Wives patriarch did something the fans deemed un-thoughtful last week. While Christine offered up a blurb about this deed, she also seemed to make light of it.

But Kody Brown’s actions brought on a lot of slack from the fans of the Sister Wives series. It started with Christine Brown baking a tray of her famous Thanksgiving rolls. She did this bake-off as a sales ploy for her clothing sale.

The tray of crescent rolls with buttery tops did look enticing. But later on, a tray of mashed rolls with crumbs appeared. It seems Christine showed her fans what these holiday buns looked like after Kody Brown grazed through her Sister Wives kitchen. She reprimanded her shared husband by asking him if he was 10.

Fans lambasted the Sister Wives father of 18, calling Kody Brown selfish for ruining a tray of rolls. By eating just the tops and leaving a crumbling mess behind, he ruined them for everyone else. So, folks who follow the family from Sister Wives know now that Kody Brown spent time with Christine over the last few days.

A new photo of Kody appears to show a recent haircut. But fans focused on something else besides his short hair. It looks like they couldn’t get over how quickly Kody Brown’s hair turned completely gray. Check out Kody’s photo below along with Christine’s mangled holiday rolls.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

What’s Up With Meri Brown?

Meri Brown continues to confuse fans with her words of wisdom. Her latest offering appears below. “Two steps back can still be two steps in the right directions” is the latest quote Meri puts out there today. In the photo, it looks as if two more steps may lead to stepping on something you might want to avoid. Her “two steps back” reference left fans surmising the meaning.

Apparently, Meri has her followers from Sister Wives assuming she’s going back somewhere. But by heading back it’s still the right direction for her. Of course, many believed she had Kody in mind.

Over the weekend it looks as if Meri Brown offered a sidewalk sale in front of her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn,  It’s cold outside but she still held a sale, the type more suitable for a summer day. Fans spotted what looked like My Sister Wife’s Closet leftover jewelry.

Robyn Brown’s now seemingly defunct site sold a bunch of the same type of items seen on the table. It appears the Sister Wives original matriarch continues to spend her spare time in Utah at her very own business. But over the weekend, did she attempt to give her buddy Robyn a hand by selling her leftover stuff?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Settles In For The Holidays

Sister Wives enthusiasts got a kick out of Janelle’s holiday breakfast this weekend. She posted a picture of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Apparently, this was her Sister Wives’ breakfast. Yes, this is one of her favorite parts of having the leftover holiday pie in the house, it’s the next day’s breakfast.

It seems Janelle isn’t the only one out of the Sister Wives tribe eating this traditional holiday pie for the first meal of the day. She reports how both she and Christine always made sure they had enough of the pie for all the kids to eat for breakfast as well. But… Janelle claims while this might be a stretch, pumpkin pie contains ingredients from several food groups.

After binge-watching Hallmark movies, Janelle pointed out the photo of the man above who looks like a modern-day Santa. It baffles her how people in the movie meet a guy like this and even when they learn his name is “Nick” or “Chris” they never get that he’s Santa.

Janelle offered some lighthearted thoughts about Santa Claus. So between pumpkin pie for breakfast and finding Santa hiding in plain sight, Janelle had another gift of joy come her way.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Walking

Look At Evie – New Star of the Family

As a grandmother, Janelle, along with the rest of the Sister Wives clan, had reason to rejoice this holiday. In the photos below, you can probably see why. Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush’s little girl Evie Brush is walking. Evie is almost 16-months old and fans just love the Brown family’s most adorable little trooper.

“We have a walker” is the only sentence Maddie offered with these new photos. Yes, the youngest member of the Sister Wives family walked like a trooper across the living room floor with her newly fitted prosthesis.

Uncle Hunter Brown was on hand for this thrilling journey, along with Caleb, Maddie, and their son, Axel Brown. This tear-inspiring moment tugged at the hearts of the Sister Wives fans for sure this weekend.,

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