‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown Jabbed by Daughter’s New Photo?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown jumped into the hot seat over the weekend with fans who chalked up his latest antics to selfishness on his part. Whether or not Maddie Brown Brush had her father Kody in mind when posting the latest picture doesn’t matter. It seems she’s praising her husband’s behavior that is the opposite of her father’s recent actions. Fans dubbed Kody “inconsiderate” for what he did.

Sister Wives: Fans Shown Evidence Of Kody Brown Deed

The chatter with Sister Wives followers today centers on Kody Brown. Over the weekend, his third wife, Christine Brown, baked many of her famous Thanksgiving rolls.

She did this as part of a sales ploy for this Sister Wives co-wife’s business. She promised fans if they tuned into her live-stream clothing sale last weekend, she’d show them how to bake the rolls. So, the fans flocked to her sale, and Christine baked.

When the camera shut down, Christine presented evidence of what happened. Her tray of freshly baked rolls appeared demolished. But she knew who did this and pointed the finger at Kody as the culprit.

Sister Wives: Caleb Brush - Axel Brush -Evie Brush

A Comparison Of Two Dads

Christine blasted Kody for acting like a 10-year-old instead of one of the Sister Wives adults. It appeared he ripped the tops off all the rolls and ate only those tops. But he left a mess of mushed-down rolls in his wake.

Fans called him selfish and inconsiderate for this deed. He has a slew of kids, and maybe a few of them would have liked a roll that wasn’t pre-sampled by their dad. Today one of the Sister Wives daughters describes the epitome of a caring and loving father.

But it wasn’t Kody, her own father she talked about. Maddie Brown Brush describes a picture she recently snapped of Caleb Brush. He sits at a table with his son and daughter, Axel Brush and Evie Brush.

Maddie never mentions her own Sister Wives dad, Kody Brown. But her description of her children’s dad is such the opposite of what the fans learned about Kody with his antics over the weekend.

Sister Wives: Polar Opposites Dads?

Maddie probably meant nothing else with her recent Caleb shoutout but praise for the husband she loves. But it’s hard not to notice that some of the things said are just the opposite of the Sister Wives head honcho, Kody Brown.

The adult daughter from the Sister Wives tribe praised her husband. She described the scene in the photo. There sits Caleb, who just got home from a long day of “physical labor” at his job. As far as fans know, today, Kody Brown doesn’t have a job.

Maddie wrote that even with that rough day behind him, Caleb still put his two little children on his lap as he ate his dinner. She also highlighted how Caleb shared his dinner with the kids who wanted what was on his plate.

Father Of The Year For One Dad?

But ironically, the kids didn’t want that same food when she served it to them earlier in the evening. That food suddenly looked enticing on daddy’s plate. So this man who worked a long grueling shift came home and not only juggled two kids on his lap, he attempted to eat dinner while doing so.

One can’t help but derive from Maddie’s words how Caleb shared his one dinner helping his kids. On the other side of the coin, the Sister Wives brood’s patriarch ate the tops off of a tray of rolls, leaving partially-eaten bread for others.

Again, Maddie probably just wanted to point out how lucky she is to have Caleb as a husband and father to her kids. Her words could almost evoke tears of happiness to see such a good father in action. But it just happened to come on the heels of fans picking up on Kody Brown’s rather selfish deed of ravaging the rolls.

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