‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Weighs in on Aspyn and Mitch’s Baby Timeline

Sister Wives star Christine Brown tries not to be a meddling mother when it comes to her daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson and husband Mitch Thompson‘s family planning. Christine is content knowing her oldest daughter is happily married to the love of her life.

Aspyn Brown has had a very exciting and busy past few years. The now 25-year-old  recently graduated from college,  moved from Las Vegas back to Utah, and will soon celebrate her second wedding anniversary.

In the next episode, Sister Wives fans will see Christine Brown on a trip to visit her daughter, Aspyn Brown, and check out her new house. In the promo clip below, we learn what exactly Aspyn has planned as far as expanding her family with Mitch Thompson. Looks like babies are in the mix but not any time soon.

Sister Wives Update: Aspyn Brown & Mitch Thompson Have a Three Year Plan

Sister Wives’ Aspyn Brown Thompson is not following in her sister Madison Brown Brush’s footsteps in the baby department. Maddie was the first Brown daughter to marry. Within three years of her marriage to Caleb Brush, Maddie is already the mother of two children. However, Aspyn herself also has a three-year plan— and it looks complete;y different than her sister’s.

Sister Wives couple Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson definitely see themselves raising children in their new home. However, Christine Brown says Aspyn and Mitch have a three-year plan to expand their family. Right now the couple plans to just enjoy their time as a couple before settling down further as parents.

Aspyn’s plans are firm. So although Christine is ready to be a grandmother, she knows not to bring the subject up to her daughter.

Robyn Brown Plays By Different Rules Than Christine

Sister Wives’ mom Christine Brown may play it cool when it comes to asking her married daughters when they will have children. However, she has three other Sister Wives to do her bidding. Janelle Brown already knows the joys first hand of seeing her own daughter become a mom. Since Christine has two married daughters and no grandkids from either, she patiently, or impatiently waits, for them to start their families.

But Robyn Brown is not Aspyn or Mykelti Brown Padron’s birth mom. So she plays by different rules. So when it comes to asking if either is pregnant or will soon be, Christine has an ally in that department. Plus, according to Christine, Robyn is not shy about asking both Aspyn and Mykelti every chance she gets.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Aspyn Brown Thompson - Mitch Thompson

Sister Wives: Will Aspyn and Mitch Also Add More Wives?

Sister Wives fans wonder if any of Kody Brown’s children will follow in his and their respective mother’s footsteps. All of the Brown kids have publicly stated they plan to have monogamous marriages. However, Aspyn Brown Thompson just might be swayed to take on plural marriage.

Both Aspyn and Mitch Thompson come from plural families. In fact, Mitch says he is open to having more than one wife. He loves Aspyn,  and more importantly, respects her decisions. However,  should Aspyn change her mind—and many think she will—Mitch is ready to expand their family by not only children but with a second or third wife.

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