‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Aspyn Brown And Mitch Thompson Married – More Sister Wives Coming?

Sister Wives fans recall that Aspyn Brown and longtime boyfriend Mitch Thompson became husband and wife this past June. Aspyn is the oldest child of Kody Brown with his third wife Christine Brown. She’s third of Kody’s eighteen children to tie the knot. Aspyn’s sisters Maddie Brown and Mykelti Brown both were married in 2016.

The new season of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives will kick off with a two-hour premiere Sunday, January 20th. Aspyn and Mitch’s engagement announcement is one of the many exciting developments the Brown family will share. Fans are wondering if the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Thompson will practice plural marriage? Are Sister Wives in Aspyn’s future?

Sister Wives – Aspyn Brown & Mitch Thompson

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson have known each other most of their lives. Their families have been friends for years. The two attended the same church in Utah growing up. Aspyn has admitted that she had a little crush on him back in the day. Aspyn Brown and her family moved to Las Vegas when she was seventeen and from that point on her and Mitch Thompson lives seemed to head in different directions.

Sister Wives: Mitch Thompson - Aspyn Brown

The two became re-acquainted when their paths crossed at a pro-polygamy rally in Utah. Sister Wives viewers should recall that rally was filmed and shown on the last season of the TLC show. Fate stepped in that day and so began the couple’s love story. Within months of that rally, the pair announced their engagement. The couple wedded just six months later in Sandy, Utah with their family and friends in attendance.

Sister Wives – Will Aspyn And Mitch Live Plural Marriage?

Will Mitch Thompson and Aspyn Brown live in a plural marriage is a question that most Sister Wives followers have on their minds. Both Aspyn and Mitch were raised in polygamist families. Certainly, it seems like a fair question to ask of the newly married couple. Aspyn is the third Brown daughter to get married. In 2016  her sisters Mykelti and Maddie both married. Interesting, neither sister practice the plural marriage lifestyle or plan to be polygamists.

In the recently released Sister Wives promo video, Mitch Thompson spoke out regarding his thoughts of having multiple wives. He says, ” I will never force her to become a polygamist. I don’t know that I would necessarily go out and seek other women.” Aspyn Brown has openly said that she would not practice polygamy and felt kind of bad that none of her siblings planned to follow their parent’s tradition.

Kody Brown’s Older Children

The older Brown children have been fairly open regarding their opinions on plural marriage. They do not plan to follow in their parent’s polygamist ways. But they grew up in that lifestyle. The children are supportive of their parents choice and others who opt to live in plural marriage, however, it isn’t the life for them.

The next season of Sister Wives will be a birds-eye view into the details of Aspyn and Mitch’s proposal, engagement and planning of the wedding itself. It is sure to be a whirlwind of emotions, fun, stress and inevitable family drama.

Watch the upcoming Sister Wives’ season on TLC starting Sundays at 8:00 pm on January 20th.

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