‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Reminded Janelle is the Grandma after Gushing Post

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown riled up fans who think she’s pushing Janelle Brown’s grandma status off to the sidelines. Some of Janelle’s fans from the TLC reality series think Christine Brown overstepped her boundaries. The Sister Wives followers called Christine on this several times in the last few years.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Doing More Than Peddling Wares?

Much like her Sister Wives co-wife, Meri Brown, Christine Brown sells clothing items and has her own website. But she also does live events online to push products.

In between Christine’s sales talk, she often answers questions from Sister Wives fans. She’s known to say things about what’s happening within the family. Or she may give hints as to story-lines for the new season on the way. But Lately, she swoons about Maddie’s children. She’s about to visit them next week.

Christine Brown is just a fountain of information. But sometimes she overflows. Some fans accuse the third wife of Kody Brown of putting herself in Janelle’s place as a grandmother. So fans continue to call her out about her tendency to steal Janelle Brown’s limelight.

Sister Wives: Axel Brush - Evie Brush



Janelle Brown is Grandma, Fans Remind Christine Brown

The post above highlights the problem some Sister Wives watchers seem to have with Christine Brown. Janelle Brown, who is Maddie Brown Brush’s biological mom and grandmother to her kids, just spent time with her daughter and grandchildren.

Maddie’s little one-year-old daughter had her foot amputated due to FATCO Syndrom. In order for Evie to gain mobility, a prosthetic leg is needed. The amputation made way to start Evie on that journey.

This baby also underwent a surgical procedure to remove webbing between her fingers. The surgery added dexterity to her hands and improved the quality of life..

As you might imagine, this had to be a tough time for the young Sister Wives’ mom. Despite an amputation about to better Evie’s life, it is still an amputation and that has to break this mom’s heart.

Any child facing surgery, along with the recuperation period is tough on parents. So, having her mom Janelle Brown there must have made things a bit easier.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Each Mom Has 18 Kids – So They Say

Christine Brown has the tendency to gush about Maddie’s kids. If you didn’t know any better you might think she is the biological grandmother to Janelle’s grandkids. While she’s doesn’t share DNA with these children, she is like a grandmother to them. The Sister Wives kids grew up with four moms.

Janelle Brown doesn’t appear to have the need to be in the spotlight like Christine Brown. But her fans seem to watch out for her. So, when Christine crosses the line drawn in the sand by the fans, they come out swinging. When she recently gushed about Axel and Evie, fans came running. Christine calling herself “Oma” to the kids had Janelle’s fans seeing red.

Christine is planning a trip to stay with Maddie, Caleb Brush, and the kids. She goes on about getting her Oma time with this visit. Janelle just spent time with that little family during what was probably one of the hardest things they’ve gone through.

Now Christine sweeps in as Oma and fans empathized with how they think Janelle must feel. But, this is the Sister Wives family and they’re not like traditional family units. Janelle Brown is the first one to credit Christine with all the childcare she gave her kids when they were younger as Janelle worked.

Maddie and her siblings grew up with four moms. So, Christine helped raise Maddie. Still, it seems some fans feel the need to let Christine Brown know that those two beautiful children are the grandbabies of Janelle Brown.

Other fans think it wonderful that so many people love these children. So, maybe Christine isn’t overstepping boundaries. Maybe she’s just doing what comes naturally in the Sister Wives Kody Brown family?

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