‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s House Becomes Epicenter for Spoilers?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has a house full of teenage energy these days as the last of her kids, except for Truely, have turned into teens. Christine’s girls seem to fit that old adage about the apple that falls and stays pretty close to the tree.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Raises Adorable Mini-Me Kids

You could probably say the third wife of Kody Brown has a couple of Christine Brown mini-me daughters in her Sister Wives house. Especially when you take a look at Ysabel Brown, 16, and Gwendlyn Brown, 18.

Then there’s Truely, 10, who is definitely coming up in the ranks as well. She becomes more and more like her mom every time she shows up on the Sister Wives screen.

Out of Christine’s six kids, five of them are daughters. Her son, Paedon Brown, 21, along with Asypn Brown Thompson, 25,  and Mykelti Brown Padron, 23, don’t live at home anymore. So it’s two teens and an up and coming tween at this Sister Wives humble abode today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Family at Disneyland

Accident Or On Purpose?

Christine Brown is full of energy and she also seems to be the Sister Wives co-wive who enjoys chatting the most. Keeping a secret doesn’t seem to come easy for Christine.

For that matter, it doesn’t look like it comes easy for her teenagers as well. Before the official word of the renewal of the series came down from the TLC head honchos, Christine announced it.

You have to admit that coming from this mom, that’s pretty official. After all,  she should know as they film at her house right now. But still, TLC hasn’t given the official nod.

At first, Christine Brown offered up a hint when a fan asked about Ysabel’s scoliosis prognosis. Fans know via the Sister Wives episodes that this young woman worked hard in an attempt to arrest the curvature of her spine. She did this by wearing a torso brace and embarking on a vigorous exercise program.

While the possibility of surgery still loomed, this teen did keep her spine’s curvature at bay. It didn’t progress while she did her holistic treatment but the doctor did talk about possible surgery for Ysabel in the future. Then the photo above surfaced with Ysabel in a wheelchair at Disneyland, adding to the mystery.

Since the outcome of Ysabel’s treatment is not known, fans asked her mom during a recent video chat. Christine said she can’t talk about it as this is part of the new season. So, fans assumed the Sister Wives will be back.

Then Christine Brown went even further a couple of days later when she was asked by another fan if a new season was coming. She talked with fans while on a live streaming sale of her LuLaRoe goods.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives: Spoiler Central

So, when asked about a new season, Christine Brown just came out and said yes. After all, she did say they were filming Ysabel’s story.  So, the fans knew they were filming. But is this all accidental or is it orchestrated as part of the promo of the next Sister Wives series?

Either way, Christine confirmed a new season filming right now. The schedule the Brown family follows is one-week filming and one-week off. This was also another one of Christine Brown’s reveals.

Last year the same “leak” came out of Christine’s house as well. In the social media post below, Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown spilled the beans that TLC renewed Sister Wives before the network announced the series stays. It looks like it’s Ysabel’s turn this year.

While Christine attempted to save Ysabel’s storyline for the new season, that ship sailed. She did attempt not to disclose the outcome of her daughter’s medical journey until the new season begins. But she does have a mini-me in the house.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown

When a Sister Wives fan asked Ysabel on her own social media page if she ever had the surgery, the teen answered.  Ysabel Brown wrote, “no ma’am. She also asked the fan to watch the next season to get the details. So, it seems as if Ysabel Brown was able to keep herself from this surgery by continuing the hard work.

The young lady had a grueling exercise program to do a few times a day, so you have to give her kudos for following through.

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