‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Snowden Turns 39 – Gets Big Opening Standup Act

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden has a lot to celebrate this month. Ashley Snowden’s husband  has been accomplishing personal goals all over the place. Dimitri keeps himself busy pursuing his passions. Just recently, the father of three announced his first big break in the comedy scene. The news came just in time for his 39th birthday a few days ago.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Celebrates Birthday

Dimitri Snowden turned 39 over the weekend. Dimitri apparently had a rather low-key birthday celebration with Ashley Snowden and their children. It seems Dimitri wants to keep the festivities private as he has not shared any posts about it on his Instagram page.

Although Dimitri Snowden has yet to share details about his birthday bash, fans are convinced that he and his family had a blast. He is known for making surprises, especially on special occasions such as birthdays. He even referred to himself as the “surprise master” on Seeking Sister Wife.

Last year, Dimitri treated Ashley Snowden like a queen on her 33rd birthday. The TLC celeb sent his wife to Dubai as part of his week-long surprises. And, he was always doing things unexpected on Seeking Sister Wife.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden

Ashley Snowden Dotes On Husband

Meanwhile, fans of Dimitri Snowden and wife Ashley Snowden expressed their birthday wishes for him. Ashley also made sure to commemorate the special day with a heartwarming message for the Seeking Sister Wife alum.

In an Instagram post, she proudly expressed how she admires her husband for reaching his goals just in time for his birthday. “Happy Solar Return to you my love,” Ashley Snowden wrote. “I’m so fortunate to be a witness to your growth, and to share in all the joys and triumphs, and well as the pitfalls and setbacks”.

Ashley Snowden also reflected on her journey with Dimitri Snowden. Ashley said she’s thankful she’s sharing life with her husband. “Life can be long and hard, short and sweet, or any combination of those things,” she added. “I’m just grateful for the time I’ve been able to share with you”.

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Dimitri Gets Big Comedy Act

It seems that Dimitri Snowden is slowly making a name for himself in the world of comedy. Last year, the Seeking Sister Wife cast member gave standup comedy a shot. And now, a few months after his debut, he landed his first big break opening for a famous comedian.

Recently, Dimitri said Deon Cole asked him to open for him. Apparently, Deon was impressed with Dimitri’s humor despite being new to the game. By the looks of it, he nailed his performance as he posed next to Deon grinning from ear to ear. Is this the beginning of a drastic career change?

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