‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri And Ashley Snowden Celebrate 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and his Ashley Snowden just celebrated 10 years of marriage. The polygamous couple celebrated the event with a special Hawaii getaway with their whole family. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden look smitten with each other even after a decade of being husband and wife. With their current status as a couple going well, are they still considering adding a sister wife soon?

Seeking Sister Wife News: Dimitri & Ashley Snowden Mark 10 Years Of Marriage

Earlier this week, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden took the time off their busy schedule and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. The Seeking Sister Wife couple kicked off the week-long celebration with a trip to Hawaii. Dimitri and wife Ashley spent some quality time with their children at the beach before going out for a romantic dinner date.

The Seeking Sister Wife pair shared a glimpse of their fun and romantic vacation on social media. In one of his posts, Dimitri Snowden expressed his love for Ashley on their special day. “Thank you for choosing me, being with me, showing up with me and growing with me!” Dimitri wrote. “I still get butterflies coming home to you!” He also promised his wife to “make the next ten years even better” for them.

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Dimitri Snowden Surprises Ashley With Hawaii Getaway

Ashley Snowden said Dimitri Snowden’s sweet gesture with her own appreciation message. In a lengthy response, the Seeking Sister Wife star thanked her husband for a “blissful 10 years”. “Time has FLOWN by because we live each day with purpose and the purest of intentions,” Ashley wrote. “So even when we mess up, it’s still part of the beautiful journey and life that we are creating together”.

In another post, Ashley described Dimitri as her “King, who also happens to be the King of surprises”. She said her husband always goes the extra mile just to surprise her. During their latest wedding anniversary trip, Dimitri surprised Ashley with a romantic night time dinner date by the beach. He also presented her with Tahitian pearl earrings and necklace.

Are The Seeking Sister Wife Duo Still Looking for Wives?

With all the good things happening to Ashley and Dimitri Snowden as a couple, many are wondering if they still consider adding a sister wife soon. The Seeking Sister Wife celebs have been very vocal about their desire to expand their polygamous family. But, their last attempt with Vanessa Cobbs failed.

Some fans of the couple think it’s not necessary to add another woman in the picture anymore. They seem to believe that Ashley and husband Dimitri completed each other perfectly. They pointed out that the couple looked genuinely happy and in love even without a sister wife.

It seems like Ashley and hubby Dimitri are not giving up on their polygamous lifestyle just yet. The couple is reportedly still on the lookout for their future sister wife and is hoping to find one soon. Will they be able to find their perfect match? Is another Seeking Sister Wife stint on the horizon?

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