Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Not Dimitri’s First Wife? Timeline Suggests He Dated Her While Still Legally Married

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden continues to move on from Vanessa Cobbs. The 38-year-old ontological architect seems to cope well with the split, thanks to his partner Ashley Snowden. The polygamous couple has been together for nearly a decade and tries to portray the perfect picture of a happy family.

But now, it has been alleged that Ashley is not Dimitri’s first wife. Apparently, the TLC celeb was previously married to another woman. What’s more intriguing is that the timeline between his supposed first marriage and dating Ashley doesn’t seem to add up.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden’s First Marriage Exposed

Radar Online claims that Dimitri Snowden was once a legally married man. Apparently, the Seeking Sister Wife cast member tied the knot with a woman named Musawenkosi Ndlovu in August 2003. The marriage according to reports lasted almost eight years.

According to the Marion County Circuit Court in Indiana, Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce in July 2011. The legal separation was finalized in November of the same year. The former couple didn’t have any children together.

It remains unclear what exactly caused the divorce but many fans assume it has something to do with Dimitri’s desire to enter a plural marriage. To this day, Dimitri has yet to confirm nor deny the rumors. His former wife has never surfaced as well.

Dimitri A Married Man Before Dating Ashley

The timeline of Dimitri Snowden’s supposed first marriage and relationship with Ashley Snowden raises burning questions from fans who follow their journey. The Seeking Sister Wife couple has been together for nine years now but doing the math implies something more intriguing.

Dimitri and Ashley began dating around 2010. If he did get divorced late 2011, then he was legally a married man when he got involved with Ashley. Technically, this makes Ashley his second wife and not the first. It is also worth noting that the couple is not constitutionally married, which they have openly admitted in the past.

Seeking Sister Wife: Why Dimitri & Ashley’s Marriage Not Legal?

Many are now wondering why Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden have yet to tie the knot legitimately. The Seeking Sister Wife couple seem very happy and in love but they still opted to ditch the legal part of their union. So what is the reason behind it all?

Apparently, Ashley and Dimitri Snowden knew from the very beginning that they wanted to practice a polygamous lifestyle. Given that they will have additional wives coming into the family, it only seems fair for all parties involved to have that sense equality and avoid hierarchy.

Will The Snowdens Join Seeking Sister Wife Again?

Now that Vanessa Cobbs has left Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, many are anticipating if they will return for another season of Seeking Sister Wife. After announcing their split, the couple made it clear that they will still continue their search for the perfect sister wife. However, they have yet to confirm if they are still willing to have their journey documented on the show again.

Currently, TLC is casting polygamous couples who are seeking for a sister wife and vice versa. If Dimitri and Ashley decided to join, it’ll be their third season on the show.

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