‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Claims Vanessa Wasn’t ‘Controlled’

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden can’t seem to catch a break from criticism following their split from Vanessa Cobbs. The couple faced accusations after their sister wife left their polygamous relationship after a year.

But now, Dimitri is breaking his silence once more. The reality star addressed claims that Vanessa Cobbs was the victim in their relationship. Will this finally clear things up? Or will it only make matters worse?

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Dimitri Snowden Denies They Manipulate Vanessa Cobbs

Looks like Dimitri Snowden has had enough of the controversy brought by his split from Vanessa Cobbs. Earlier this week, the Seeking Sister Wife celeb took to social media and shed light on the true nature of their relationship.

In a lengthy Instagram video, Dimitri claimed they never “controlled” Vanessa Cobbs during their marriage. He added that she was not “made to change” just to please him and his first wife. The reality star reiterated that Vanessa is smart enough not to let anyone dictate her and has the free will to make her own decisions.

Dimitri Denies Ashley Used Vanessa To Babysit – Maintains They All Made Changes For Each Other

Dimitri Snowden also addressed the seemingly endless accusations that Ashley Snowden only used Vanessa Cobbs for her own benefit. Many Seeking Sister Wife  fans think Ashley took advantage of Vanessa, particularly in babysitting.

In response to a fan comment, Dimitri clarified that Vanessa was never treated like a baby sitter. He pointed out that she’s always been part of their family and that his children with Ashley love her as much as they do. He also maintained that they all made changes and adjustments to make their polygamous relationship work.

“Y’all act like we didn’t have childcare before she arrived and during our relationship,” he wrote. “The changes we made aren’t notable enough for TV but do trust we all made changes.”

Seeking Sister Wife - Dimitri Snowden

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Calls Vanessa A ‘Walking Compassion’

In the same IG post, Dimitri Snowden says there are no hard feelings between him and Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife patriarch has nothing but good words to say about his ex-wife despite the shocking split. In fact, he even passionately referred to her as “walking compassion”.

“Vanessa is an intelligent, smart, light, bubbly woman,” Dimitri claimed. “She’s walking compassion. She’s like walking love fully capable of making her own decisions.”

Dimitri Insists Relationship With Vanessa Was Real

Although their polygamous marriage didn’t work out as planned, Dimitri Snowden claimed everything he and Ashley Snowden had with Vanessa Cobbs was 100% authentic. The Seeking Sister Wife alum reiterated that despite being on a reality TV show, their relationship was real and not scripted.

“What we had was real. You can’t fake that level of intensity,” Dimitri wrote. “So real that the level of bravery and the amount of energy it took to come to this decision for us to part was beyond intense.”

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