Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Removes All Traces Of Dimitri And Ashley On Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs is still keeping quiet on her split from Dimitri Snowden. The TLC celeb took a much-needed break abroad, days after confirming she ditched the polygamous marriage. Since the announcement, Vanessa has yet to talk about her ex-husband and sister wife.

It looks like Vanessa is eager to detach herself from the Snowdens. Recently, eagle-eyed fans spotted a noticeable change on her Instagram page that led to speculations that the breakup wasn’t really that amicable.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Deletes All Photos Of Dimitri Snowden And Ashley Snowden

Looks like Vanessa Cobbs not only wants Dimitri and Ashley Snowden out of her life but off her social media as well. Apparently, the second wife purged all photos and videos of the plural couple from her Instagram account. The bold move came after the reality star parted ways with the Snowdens last month.

A quick look at her IG page shows no trace of the couple — a far cry from what it used to be before things went downhill. Vanessa has not mentioned both Dimitri and Ashley on any of her posts lately as well following their public split after the Seeking Sister Wife season finale.

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Vanessa Copes With Breakup

Interestingly, Vanessa Cobbs’ bold move of removing all traces of Dimitri and Ashley Snowden seems to have done her good. The Seeking Sister Wife cast member appears to be coping well with the breakup as evident on her recent Instagram updates.

Currently, the reality star is staying with her twin sister in Australia. By the looks of it, Vanessa is having a blast as she spends her time bonding with Adrienne. It remains unclear how long she will stay there.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Claims All Is Well Between Them

Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden maintains that all is well between him, Ashley Snowden, and Vanessa Cobbs. The reality star insists that there are no hard feelings despite the sad split. In fact, he has nothing but good words to say about his former sister wife and even defended her from haters online.

Then, Dimitri clarified that Vanessa was not after fame or money. He claimed that his and Ashley’s relationship with Vanessa was real and not scripted at all. He even referred to her as “walking compassion”. Dimitri also set the record straight on the true nature of his polygamous marriage with Vanessa.

The reality show second wife affirmed that his estranged sister wife was never “controlled” during their year-long Seeking Sister Wife romance. Dimitri also insisted that Vanessa wasn’t “made to change” just to please him and his first wife Ashley.

Ashley Snowden Remains Mum About Vanessa

On the other hand, Ashley Snowden is very quiet about Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife first spouse has yet to address the breakup, except for the statement released by Dimitri Snowden. This is a far cry from her husband’s positive attitude towards Vanessa post-split.

Ashley’s lack of reaction to the issue leads people to wonder if her vibe with Vanessa wasn’t exactly what viewers saw on TV. Ashley pushing her agenda on the second wife convinced many viewers that’s why they split. Who could forget the strict diet she enforced for Vanessa Cobbs before sleeping with Dimitri?

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