‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Bernie McGee Dead At Age 41 – Wife Paige Confirms

Seeking Sister Wife cast member Bernie McGee died today, June 15, 2019. The report of his passing was confirmed by his wife Paige McGee. Bernie was just 41 years old and the duo share four children, two of which featured on the TLC polygamy show. The pair had a rough time during and after the show as squabbles with extended family landed them in some legal trouble. Last fans saw Bernie McGee, he was looking spiffy on the reunion show with a darker dyed hairdo. Now, just a day before Father’s Day, he passed away suddenly. Here’s what we know.

Seeking Sister Wife: Bernie McGee’s Sudden Death Details

Late this afternoon, someone posted in a Facebook groups devoted to Seeking Sister Wife that “Bernie has passed away”. The individual says she was sharing the information on Bernie McGee’s shocking death with Paige McGee’s permission. The person said, “We just left the hospital and she is heading home”. They added, “His mother is not handling this well. Paige is not either”.

Then the Seeking Sister Wife poster asked for everyone to keep them “in your hearts and prayers” and asked people to give Paige “time to be with her family, friends, and children” and to not expect responses to messages. Soap Dirt reached out to them directly and is still awaiting a reply. A little while after the initial post Paige McGee joined the conversation briefly to drop in a message on the stunning death of her husband.

Seeking Sister Wife: Bernie McGee Death

Paige McGee Confirms Bernie McGee’s Passing

The Seeking Sister Wife reality show co-star provided a few details and confirmed that Bernie died. Paige McGee thanked people for their thoughts and prayers. Then she explained that “Bernie was out riding his bicycle and called me”. She said her husband told her “he wasn’t feeling well and to come pick him up”. Paige left to go meet Bernie, but in the interim, 911 was called.

Bernie McGee Dead at 41 – Seeking Sister Wife Dad Passes Away

By the time Paige McGee got there she saw “EMTs were working on him, but I could already tell”. Paige said she was told “he had a heat stroke/heart attack”. Then she asked people to be patient with her and said she’d respond when she can. In Brandon, Mississippi where they live, today’s weather topped 90 degrees at the time Bernie McGee was out bicycling.

Another family member stated online it was a heart attack that took Bernie’s life. We’ll update you when more details come available. But for now, this is a stark loss for the McGee family to lose Bernie McGee the day before Father’s Day. Our thoughts go out to their family in this sad time. There’s no word yet whether they planned to continue on with Seeking Sister Wife.

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