‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Ashley Snowden Denies She’s Pregnant – Says She Has a Condition

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden has had enough of people asking if she’s pregnant. The wife of Dimitri Snowden has been plagued with pregnancy rumors since her time on the show. And now, Ashley is finally breaking her silence to set the record straight once and for all.

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Ashley Snowden Denies She’s Pregnant Again With Dimitri’s Baby

It seems like Ashley Snowden is fed up with all the pregnancy talks she’s been getting lately. Apparently, many are convinced that the Seeking Sister Wife cast member is pregnant. So many fans keep posting rumors on social media that Ashley, Dimitri Snowden’s wife, posted a response.

Ashley wasted no time to address Seeking Sister Wife rumors of pregnancy in a lengthy online post. She clarified that she’s not expecting another child with Dimitri. Ashley said that she has slight bulge and that her pregnant-like look is a condition of the abdominal muscle post-pregnancy

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Ashley Opens Up About Her Condition (Diastasis Recti) That Makes Her Look Pregnant

In her post, Ashley Snowden revealed she has been suffering from Diastasis Recti. It is the separation of the “six-pack” muscles during or after pregnancy. The Seeking Sister Wife reality star explained that such a condition makes a woman’s belly bulge similar to what early pregnancy looks like.

Dimitri Snowden’s longtime wife has tried a variety of methods to improve her Diastasis Recti, but they seemed ineffective. As Seeking Sister Wife fans have seen, Ashley Snowden is a strong woman. She has embraced her figure and has never let body-shaming get the best of her. “As women, we get so much scrutiny and policing over our bodies all the time, enough is enough,” Ashley added.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Blasted ‘Insensitive’ People Asking About Pregnancy

Ashley Snowden also took the time to call out those who don’t think twice about asking if a woman is pregnant. The Seeking Sister Wife TV star did not hold back from blasting such act, calling it “insensitive” and “rude”. Dimitri’s wife reiterated that it’s not okay to just make pregnancy assumptions based on a woman’s figure alone.

“Asking if someone is pregnant is rude because it’s a private matter,” Ashley wrote. “Looking at someone’s body and making the assumption that they are pregnant based on shape is insensitive”.

Ashley said that a woman deserves to have privacy, regardless if she’s a celebrity or not. “Unless a woman has made it public that she’s pregnant, it’s just none of your business, whether they are in the spotlight or not,” Ashley added.

Ashley Assures Fans She’ll Tell If Ever She Gets Pregnant

It seems like Ashley Snowden is not closing the door on having another child if the opportunity arises. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb appears to be open to the idea of expanding her and Dimitri Snowden’s brood in the future. Ashley even assured her fans that they will let everyone know when there is good news to report.

“If/when I become pregnant, trust that we will make an announcement so that there’s no confusion around my status,” Ashley wrote. “You’ll never have to wonder… So to answer all of the women wondering about the shape of my body, the answer is no. I’m not pregnant”.

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