‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Ashley Snowden, No Bad Blood With Vanessa Cobbs? Shows Support In Latest Gig

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden is trying to put an end to feud rumors with Vanessa Cobbs. The wife of Dimitri Snowden said all is well with their former sister wife despite their controversial breakup. In an Instagram post, Ashley showed her support to Vanessa Cobbs and her latest project. The move came as a surprise to many, especially since Ashley has been mum about Vanessa for months.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Launches New Podcast – Takes Inspiration From The Snowdens?

It seems like Vanessa Cobbs is keeping herself busy these days with a new project. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb and her twin sister Adrienne launched a podcast channel on YouTube called “The Impossible Twins”. The siblings’ latest gig officially kicked off last month and things have been busy for them since then.

In their podcast, Vanessa and Adrienne weigh in on various subjects, including pop culture, current events, movies, the Royal family, as well as their personal lives. Many assumed that Vanessa possibly took inspiration from Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden and her time on Seeking Sister Wife. The polygamous couple also has their own podcast program called “Shift Gets Real”. Dimitri and Ashley will drop the second season of their podcast soon.

Ashley Snowden Proves She Has No Ill Feelings With Vanessa

Interestingly, it looks like Ashley Snowden is supportive of Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb, Ashley Snowden, gave props to Vanessa for her latest project. Ashley left a short but sweet comment on Vanessa’s Instagram, seemingly refuting rumors of bad blood.

In her post, Ashley congratulated Vanessa and her twin sister for the launch of their podcast. Dimitri’s wife wrote, “Great job ladies,” to which Vanessa replied with a simple “Thank you” matched with heart emojis. Many pointed out that the brief exchange between the two ladies seemingly proved that there are no ill feelings between them.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs - Ashley Snowden


Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Says Vanessa Wasn’t Forced To Change

Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden recently broke his silence about claims that he and Ashley Snowden forced Vanessa Cobbs to change. The Seeking Sister Wife alum defended himself and his wife, reiterating that it was her decision. “She didn’t have to do anything. She made a choice,” Dimitri added.

The Seeking Sister Wife husband, Dimitri, pointed out that they never imposed their preferences on Vanessa nor do they plan to do so with their future sister wife. “We don’t tell or ask any woman to change for us,” the TLC celeb insisted. “We simply state who we are and it’s their CHOICE to pick us or choose someone else more compatible”.

Dimitri Snowden also revealed that he and Ashley Snowden have their fair share of sacrifices and adjustments just to be with Vanessa Cobbs. He claimed they had to “give up” a lot of things that greatly affected their lives. “People forget about the stuff that isn’t visible for TV like finances, insurance, our children having to accept another authority figure, etc.” Dimitri explained.

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