‘Seeking Sister Wife’: April Briney Divorce from Drew Briney Final – Has No Regrets

Seeking Sister Wife alum April Briney‘s divorce from Drew Briney is final. She recently took to Facebook to share the news with fans and followers. Former husband Drew Briney divorced his former wife while filming the second season of the hit TLC show. Not long after that, they confirmed they wouldn’t appear in the second season. What’s the latest on April?

Seeking Sister Wife News: April Briney Divorce from Ex Drew Briney Is Final

April Briney shared the news on her Facebook profile. She even updated her relationship status to “Divorced”. April wrote: “I just received a call from my lawyer that after nearly 9 months my divorce is finally final.” She admitted that she didn’t “jump up and down” like she thought she would upon finding out the news. While this is something she’s been waiting for, it seems news of her divorce being final was also bittersweet.

The Seeking Sister Wife star opened up further about her reaction to the news. She said she was “struck with a mixture of emotions”. For her, the act of divorce in and of itself is a “heavy affair”. She mentioned the “haunting loss” and the sense of going out into the unknown – even if divorce was the best move forward. She admitted that the only thing worse than divorce would be to stay with Drew Briney.

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Seeking Sister Wife: April Thanks God, Has No Regrets

Further, April Briney also thanked God for giving her the strength to see this hardship through. She wrote: “Thank you father for the beautiful, formidable, miraculous deliverence you prepared for me and for every step along the way.”

In addition, Seeking Sister Wife celeb April Briney has no regrets. Even though there are many people that do not understand polygamy and do not agree with the choices she and ex husband Drew Briney made to get here, she seems at peace with all of it.

She also addressed her time on Seeking Sister Wife and called it a “humbling experience”. She said reality TV is a place “where your flaws are magnified, distorted and paraded on a huge screen in front of the world!”

What’s Next for April Briney?

Even though being on Seeking Sister Wife and going through this divorce process was a harrowing experience, it seems it wasn’t all bad in terms of learning life lessons. She talked about how much these experiences taught her about herself. Not only has she grown as a person, but her heart has “expanded a thousand times over”.

April learned that life isn’t about “judging or condemning”, but about “having mercy on ourselves and others”. Another monumental takeaway from all this seems to be to continue believing no matter the hardship. In closing, she said that her journey in life taught her to “learn and grow and overcome”.

What life holds for April Briney is unknown at this point. But, she seems to have come out of her previous situation a stronger person. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here now that she’s legally divorced and her time on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife is in the past.

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