‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Vanessa Cobbs Looking For Love On Tinder

Seeking Sister Wife former star Vanessa Cobbs is finally ready to go out there and give love another shot. Vanessa has been keeping a low profile ever since she parted ways from Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley Snowden. It appears like Vanessa hasn’t been in a new relationship since the split — at least not that’s publicly known.

But now, Vanessa Cobbs is all set to mingle with men online. Despite her reservations, she is test driving a dating app — something her twin sister Adrienne supports. Will Vanessa find Mr. Right this time around?

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Returns To Dating Scene

Looks like Vanessa Cobbs is done being single. The former Seeking Sister Wife celeb recently revealed that she’s on the lookout for a potential lover, months after her shocking split from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. In a podcast episode with Adrienne, her twin sister, Vanessa opened up about the status of her dating life.

Apparently, Vanessa Cobbs has resorted to online dating in hopes of meeting someone new. The reality star revealed she created a profile on Tinder and things have been quite interesting for her. However, she said she’s still “scared to get back out there” despite getting a lot of positive feedback from single men on the app.

Vanessa Shares Tinder Experience – Gets Thousands Swipe Right

Although hesitant, Vanessa Cobbs continues her journey to online dating. To get the full experience, the Seeking Sister Wife former cast member got herself a gold account on Tinder. She revealed she paid to get the extra gold perks on the dating platform.

The ex-wife of Dimitri Snowden explained that with her premium membership, she can now see everybody that liked her profile. Vanessa revealed that there has been tons of “lovely, single gentlemen” who showed interest in her. She also claimed that over 2000 men already swiped right on her.

Despite the number of “swipe right” she’s been getting, Vanessa has yet to officially go on a Tinder date. The reality star insisted she’s still taking her time so as not to end up being hurt again.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa’s Twin Sister Wants Her To Date ASAP

Meanwhile, Adrienne is looking forward to seeing Vanessa Cobbs in a relationship again. She reiterated that the Seeking Sister Wife alum has been taking her sweet time being single. This is despite the fact that she’s not getting any younger.

Adrienne has been very supportive of Vanessa trying online dating. In fact, she even gives her twin sister a helping hand when it comes to checking out profiles. Adrienne revealed she’s been helping her sister sort out thousands of Tinder bios. She even gives suggestions as to who gives off a positive vibe just by their pictures.

So far, Vanessa Cobbs has yet to meet someone from Tinder in person. But she did admit to having fun checking out profiles and getting a really good sense of the men in Perth, Australia.

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