‘My 600-lb Life’: Top 3 Success Stories

My 600-lb Life features people who have gotten so big that they can’t even leave their homes. These are 3 success stories that make it known that this process helps people.

My 600-lb Life: Christina Philips

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips

My 600-lb Life personality Christina Phillips started her journey at 700 pounds. And while it took her some time to get the hang of getting her life on a healthier path, she managed to do it. Christina is now 170 pounds and still working on herself. She went from over-eating to under-eating, and it was dangerous. Only consuming 450 calories a day was killing her. Even though she weighed 160, she was not healthy.

To get approved for surgery, doctors told her she had actually to gain weight. She decided to do that. Her boyfriend encouraged her, and she gained enough weight for skin surgery. After that, she says she is done with the program because she’s completed it. Now she feels comfortable in her body and can safely say that she is a great success story.

My 600-lb Life: Paula Jones

Paula Jones

My 600-lb Life star Paula Jones is probably one of the best success stories from the show. She lost a total of 385 pounds, and her life is back on track. After the tragic death of her husband, who died from being overweight, she realized she needed to make a change. Mostly for her children so they wouldn’t lose another parent. It was hard for her to start losing weight at first because she had a food addiction.

Paula managed to buckle down and discipline herself enough to get the ball rolling. Once she did, she qualified for weight loss surgery. Now she is under 200 pounds and is able to be an inspiration for others. She wants to teach her daughter that staying healthy is not hard as long as you start early. She hopes she can stop people from taking the path she did in life.

My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neeley

My 600-lb Life: Sarah Neeley

Sarah Neeley from My 600-lb Life has definitely worked as hard as she can to get to where she is. She started off at 625 pounds. Now she is under 200 and shrinking still. She had a hard time with her journey, especially with her mother as an enabler. Sarah was able to move out on her own and do what she needed to do to exercise and get healthy.

She then got her weight loss surgery. Sarah has also gone through skin removal surgery. Fans are excited about her weight loss and hope she can stay on track for a healthy life.

Fans love to watch their favorite people become success stories.

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