‘My 600-lb Life’: Producers Humiliate Cast Members

My 600-lb Life producers are being called out on the way they treat the people on the show. Some of the requirements are too outrageous.

My 600-lb Life: Producers Pick The People

My 600-lb Life producers have definitely found a way to reel in the money. With the number of viewers that watch the show, the amount they pay to make the show doesn’t even compare. They make sure the people they feature are at least over 550 pounds and show off their life for a year. Some people take the year harder than others do. Some people make it, and some don’t.

The concept is easy, pay for extremely overweight people to get gastric bypass surgery, but make sure they can prove they won’t mess it up first. The months where these are documented are sometimes so drama-filled they land themselves on a where are they now episode. Many people don’t even keep trying to lose weight when their episode is over.

My 600-lb Life; Steven Assanti

No Room to Move

My 600-lb Life features some pretty shocking stories, like the two-part episode of the Assanti brothers, who weighed nearly 1,400 pounds combined. They even managed four follow-up episodes of the two just so fans can watch and make sure their favorite people are moving forward. But Steven Assanti says that they don’t show everything and sometimes things are twisted to look way worse than it actually is. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Steven has even gone as far as saying Dr. Younan Nowzaradan botched his surgery.

Even though success stories don’t do too well, the people deserve for their fans to know how they are. For instance, one woman who was featured named Paula Jones managed to lose all the weight and become officially independent. She says she grateful to the show for helping her through such a tough journey. Although she is not a fan of the way they treat people. She tells fans to get to know the real her before they judge. One former featured person spills the beans and says if they didn’t do what producers said, it was over.

My 600-lb Life; Paula Jones

My 600-lb Life: Producers Dish It Out

Former stars of the show have ratted out producers from My 600-lb Life. Many say the abuse and showmanship of their body are hurtful and depressing. The show follows a particular pattern with how they introduce everyone. They wake up, shower, and eat with their family. The sad part is that these people have no choice in the way these scenes play out. There is apparently no choice in them doing a naked shower scene.

Rules for the show seem to be there for a reason. If someone doesn’t follow them, they can kiss their fifteen minutes of fame good-bye. An unnamed person tells how it was degrading to sit there naked and have people film one of the most intimate and embarrassing parts of their life. Shocked fans send love to all impacted by the abuse.

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