‘My 600-lb Life’: Kenae Dolphus Has a Need to Feed

My 600-lb Life star Kenae Dolphus has the latest update about her weight loss.

Her relationship with food has been a difficult journey. And, it leaves people wondering where it will land her.

My 600-lb Life: The Weight Loss Journey of Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life TV personality Kenae Dolphus talks about how her relationship with food and her size has had an effect on her life. Her husband, Rodney Dolphus, is a  pastor for a church. And, he’s been with her since she was 400 pounds.

This affects her life by her not being able to attend church with her husband. Also, she can’t live up to the expectations of a “pastor’s wife.” Plus, the death of her brother-in-law has lead to her being a parental figure for four children. And the large portions of snacks she makes to feed these kids contribute to her overeating.

Then, she goes on to explain how her size doesn’t allow her to walk to her own mother’s grave. Next, she went to her mother’s grave-site and read a heartfelt letter to her mother.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus Rodney Dolphus

Star Takes Care of Family from Couch and Feeds Them

My 600-lb Life headliner of the week, Kenae, tells the cameras she takes care of her whole family. Meanwhile, the children take care of her. Also, Kenae makes dinners from her overused spot on the couch.

She makes chicken wings and nachos for her whole family to eat, because she has a “Need To Feed” those she loves

She tells her medical professional, Dr. Nowzaradan, that she has to clean her entire house of junk meals to get ready for her journey. Also, she’s responsible for caring for her sister’s babies. And she’s talking about how it’s difficult for her to lose a few pounds while her family eats junk food around her.

The kids have to help her wash herself in the morning and help get her dressed. Plus, Kenae requires someone to walk her out to the living room every morning to start the day. Then, she stays in the same place on her couch all day.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus Rodney Dolphus

600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus & Her Reveals

My 600-lb Life star Kenae shocks people with where her weight loss journey is landing her. Due to her heart’s current state, she is unable to get the weight loss surgery. But, this sad news does not discourage her health improvement attempts.

Kenae is joining her husband, Rodney Dolphus, at church after losing a few pounds. Also, she is showing off her being able to go to the store. Now, it has been revealed she has lost over 100 pounds. All this is without surgery. All the weight she is going is on her own and is owed to her hard work.

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