‘My 600-lb Life’: Bella Mason Dumps Boyfriend – Alleges Abuse

My 600-lb Life personality Bella Mason is opening up about why she dumped her toxic and abusive boyfriend. The daughter of Samantha Mason isn’t one to keep quiet about her thoughts and opinions. Now, she’s taking to talking about the alleged abuse of TLC and her ex.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason Claims TLC Exploited Mother

My 600-lb Life star Samantha Mason is one of the largest people ever featured on this TLC hit show. Weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds, Dr. Nowzaradan’s effort was a desperate attempt to save Samantha’s life. Even after being in the hospital for four weeks, this celeb managed to gain 140 pounds.

But, that’s not all that was shown in My 600-lb Life. Fans got a close look into the strained relationship that Samantha Mason and her daughter Bella Mason have. While there isn’t much fighting between this mother and daughter duo, Samantha depends heavily on her child for basic tasks.

My 600-lb Life showed how Bella cared for her mother by cooking for her, finding her a new apartment to live in, and helping her use the bathroom.

But, Bella is now claiming that TLC “exploited” her mom. She says that they filmed “hours and hours” of her cooking and interviews. This My 600-lb Life personality said that half of this wasn’t put in the show, because the film crew just wanted to make Bella and her mom look bad.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

Celeb Says People Shouldn’t Feel Bad for Ex-Boyfriend

That’s not all this My 600-lb Life star has to say. She’s also talking about how people are saying that they feel bad for Ivan, Bella’s boyfriend on the show. But, Bella Mason is telling them to feel otherwise.

She says that after the filming of My 600-lb Life, they had a really big downfall. And she talks about how Ivan talks about how he wants to be famous. Plus, she said that Ivan said that other people’s opinions unless they “come from a famous person.”

Bella Mason says that her ex-boyfriend was only with her for “the clout”.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason Alleges Abuse and Gaslighting

My 600-lb Life’s Bella Mason says that her boyfriend Ivan just wanted to look like the hero and the good guy. But, she says that behind closed doors was a different story.

She says he called her “fat”. And she says that he made her feel very bad about herself. Also, she claims he was making her feel about herself every day.

Bella says that Ivan wasn’t physically abusive. But, she claims that he was abusive mentally and emotionally. Also, she says he drained every part of her.

The My 600-lb Life personality goes on to say that she never wanted to “commit die” until their breakup. She claims that she had Stockholm syndrome with Ivan.

Lastly, she warns fans to not feel bad for Ivan. He’s never been a good person, according to Bella. And that he was the most toxic part of her life.

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