‘My 600-lb Life’: Samantha’s Daughter Talks Trauma – Bella Mason Sobbed after Show

My 600-lb Life star Samantha Mason heavily relies on her daughter Bella Mason who’s now speaking out on trauma, filming for reality TV and the impact on her life. With Bella doing lots of basic tasks for her mom, many TLC viewers worry about her safety and well-being. Now, Bella’s revealed whether she’s suffered trauma and spilled tea on filming with mom Samantha for reality TV cameras.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason’s Fight for Her Mother Samantha Mason

On My 600-lb Life, Bella Mason is often fighting with her mother. Samantha Mason, the mom of Bella, is one of the heaviest patients ever featured on the TLC show’s history. Weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds, Samantha Mason is open about how food is the thing that brings her the most comfort in her life.

And after revealing that her difficult childhood is the reason why Samantha turns to food, My 600-lb Life fans better understand why she gained so much weight. Also, her size made it impossible for Samantha to travel down to see Dr. Nowzaradan for much-needed gastric bypass surgery.

During the course of the first episode of My 600-lb Life season nine, Samantha Mason is in and out of the hospital. Eventually, Dr. Nowzaradan sets up an emergency gastric surgery for Samantha with Dr. Heydari. This is critical to her health. And her daughter Bella Mason was there for the entire journey.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

A Daughter’s Unwavering Support to Samantha Mason

It’s clear that Bella loves her mother, as seen throughout My 600-lb Life. Consistently in the episodes, Bella Mason does whatever she can to help support her mother. She even goes as far as finding a new apartment for Samantha due to accessibility issues.

Since Samantha Mason wasn’t able to walk up flights of steps, Bella found a first-floor apartment for her mother, Samantha. Also, she and her boyfriend stayed with the My 600-lb Life star to offer her help and support after she gets out of the hospital.

But, Bella Mason opens up and talks to the film crew about how much she’s struggling. Bella says that she’s having a hard time watching her mom spiral. And Bella says she’s really struggling to keep a “positive mindset.”

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason Talks About Trauma from TLC

Many fans of the TLC show are concerned about Bella after the first My 600-lb Life episode. But, she isn’t taking to keeping her opinions about reality television to herself.

She talks about how people are concerned for her because of her mom’s medical condition. And Bella Mason says that what her mom is going through isn’t bothering her anymore. She’s accustomed to all this now. But she admits it hurt her as a child, to My 600-lb Life followers.

Bella says the show upset her more. She says that after taping scenes, she “started sobbing.” And that she was “hardcore freaking out.” She says that this is because of how overwhelming everything is.

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