‘My 600-lb Life’: Krystal Hall Intimidated by Dr. Nowzaradan?

My 600-lb Life episode star Krystal Hall is talking about how she’s intimidated by Dr. Nowzaradan. She says that she’s looking forward to her appointment, but nervous because he’s going to tell her the upsetting facts.

My 600-lb Life: Rough Childhood for Krystal Hall

My 600-lb Life personality Krystal Hall says she’s struggled with her weight for most of her life. But, she’s aware of why she’s always struggled with her eating problem. She explains that when she was four years old, she went to a family Christmas party on Christmas Eve.

After arriving at the party, her mother left her with other members of her family. So, she goes on to explain that her cousin ended up molesting her. Krystal reveals this keeps happening to her, until the time she turned 13. But, her cousin wasn’t the only person who was hurting her.

Next, Krystal Hall tells about how her mother started to date a man. Later, she says when her mom left for work, the boyfriend and his brother would come over. Then, she explains that both of these men would hurt her too. Krystal says at the age of 13, she finally broke down and told her mom.

But, she says her mom didn’t say anything about what happened to her. However, Krystal did find that the molestation stopped, so she figured her mom did do something about it. Next, the My 600-lb Life episode star explains that she and her mom had a rough relationship for a few years after that.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Hall

Finally Facing Reality

My 600-lb Life personage Krystal Hall began to eat to keep people from hurting her. She says during her time in high school, she’s severely bullied because of her weight. Also, Krystal’s looking to slim down to take better care of her family.

She ended up taking custody of her sister’s son after she began to struggle with drug abuse. Once Krystal realizes that she’s struggling to get in and out of the shower, she decides it’s time for her to take her health seriously. Also, she’s looking to spend more time with her husband, Freelin, who works as a cab driver.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Hall Talks About Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life episode star Krystal Hall is open about how she’s anxious to meet the famous Dr. Nowzaradan. First, she talks about how she’s happy because her entire family is going with her to meet Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas.

However, she’s feeling stressed out about the trip because of how long it’s going to take them to travel. Krystal lives in Ohio and says it’ll take two and a half ways to see Dr. Nowzaradan. So, she admits to breaking down the trip into three six-hour rides in the car.

But, Krystal admits that she’s more nervous about meeting Dr. Nowzaradan than she is traveling down to Texas. First, she explains he’s very intimidating, because of how he delivers his messages. She explains that he “tells it like it is.” Secondly, she’s afraid he’s going to tell her where her “fault lies.”

Then, she reveals that she’s going to have a hard time swallowing the truth.

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