‘My 600-lb Life’: Bella Mason Admits to Eating Disorder – Explains Weight Gain

My 600-lb Life celeb Bella Mason is admitting to struggling with an eating disorder that’s causing her to gain weight. The daughter of Samantha Mason is clapping back at haters that are making remarks about her recent body changes. Now, she’s opening up about what eating disorder she’s struggling with and another health condition that’s causing her to put on the pounds.

My 600-lb Life: It was a Rough Childhood for Bella Mason

My 600-lb Life season nine starts out with the heartbreaking story of Samantha Mason. She’s one of TLC’s heaviest patients ever on My 600-lb Life, weighing almost 1,000 pounds.

TLC’s Samantha Mason suffered from a traumatic childhood and underwent abuse from her alcoholic father. This painful past is what Samantha blames her bad relationship with food on. Her extreme weight led to a lot of health problems, which is why Samantha depends so heavily on her daughter. Bella does a lot to help her mother out.

On My 600-lb Life, Bella Mason often fixed food for her overweight parent. Plus, she found a new apartment to rent when her mom could no longer walk up the stairs. Also, she helped her mother to use the bathroom when she was unable to do so by herself. Bella Mason was also the first person to find her mom after Samantha attempted to commit suicide.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

Celeb Talks About Trauma

Even though her mother’s medical condition put a lot of strain on her, Bella claims that TLC has caused more trauma. This statement comes over the first episode of season nine of My 600-lb Life, where Bella yells at her parent to have a more positive mindset.

And she says there’s a lot her mom hurt her as a child. But, that the things her mom is doing now don’t really bother her anymore. This is because she’s so used to dealing with her mother.

Bella admits to breaking down and crying a lot after the filming of My 600-lb Life. She blames these sob sessions on how overwhelming filming the show was and how much the film crew was asking her to do.

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason

My 600-lb Life: Bella Mason Admits to Eating Disorder

My 600-lb Life star Bella is taking the time to talk about the people who are calling her fat. This star admits that she has an eating disorder. She says that she’s suffering from “anorexia nervosa”.

And she says that in her case, she has a very slow metabolism. Bella Mason goes on to explain that whenever she doesn’t eat, she gains “more weight” than she loses. She says that it is all because she has a slow metabolism.

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