‘My 600-lb Life’: Are Lee and Rena Still Together?

My 600-lb Life stars Lee Sutton and Rena Kriser stole fans’ hearts with how much they love each other. Has their love lasted through the hardships of weight loss?

My 600-lb Life: Lee and Rena – How They Met

My 600-lb Life alum Lee Sutton and Rena Kriser have a love story that quite unusual. In the show, it’s clear to see how much they do love each other. With them both gaining their giant sizes from young ages they both checked into a weight-loss facility where you stay until you lose the weight the doctors have set for you. Rena joined the program with her brother who was also overweight and that’s when she met Lee.

Lee happened to be Rena’s brother’s roommate. Lee said he fell in love with the girl that came by every day to their room. Once they started dating they were told to leave the program or end the relationship. The couple chose love leaving and deciding to lose weight on their own. This did not work out, however. They stayed in love and gained more and more weight.

 My 600-lb Life: Rena Kriser - Lee Sutton

How Things Have Changed

My 600-lb Life personalities Lee Sutton and Rena Kriser maybe not be as happy as they seem. When we first meet the couple we see that Rena takes care of Lee and herself to the best of her abilities. Once Lee gets his surgery things seem to go downhill. Rena tells cameras that in the eleven years they’ve been together he has never been violent and now he is. She cries saying he calls her terrible names and he only treats her nice when he wants something.

Lee tells Rena that he doesn’t want the relationship anymore. Rena says she is prepared for the task of losing her weight by herself. Rena says she loves him and wants to make things work but is unsure how to do that if Lee doesn’t change. After talking to a therapist about their relationship Lee agrees to try and be a better person.

 My 600-lb Life: Rena Kriser - Lee Sutton

My 600-lb Life: Where are Lee and Rena Now?

Lee Sutton and Rena Kriser from My 600-lb Life decided to share their life with fans in 2018. But where are they now three years later? Did their relationship get torn apart due to their own struggles with the surgery? We left the two on a good note but in a where are they now episode we find out that note went sour.

Lee has admitted to hitting Rena with a frying pan. So Lee went to Houston without her, because she kicked him out. Many people are saddened by these actions because of how in love they were. It looks like they still have a lot to work through.

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