‘My 600-lb Life’: Dr. Nowzaradan Says Kenae Won’t Survive Long Enough for Surgery

My 600-lb Life superstar Dr. Nowzaradan is revealing the critical condition of Kenae Dolphus and says that she won’t survive long enough to get surgery. Also, he’s talking about the health conditions that Kenae’s currently facing.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus & Her Shocking Weigh In

My 600-lb Life cast member Kenae Dolphus is looking to lose weight so she can take better care of the children in her family. While traveling to Houston, Texas to go see Dr. Nowzaradan, she talks about how she’s feeling nervous. And she says she’s scared to see what the number on the scale is going to be.

Also, Kenae reveals the reason behind her weight gain. She talks about how after her mother died, she ate a lot of food. this is because struggled with the difficult passing of her mom. But, Kenae is also blaming her struggle with PCOS as a reason for why she’s put on so many pounds.

After arriving to see Dr. Nowzaradan, she steps on the scale. And the number on the scale read 614 pounds. While this news is shocking is Kenae, she says the number isn’t as high as she’s expecting it to be.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan Pleads for Woman’s Life

My 600-lb Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaradan does his best to help Kenae Dolphus understand how bad her health is after she fails to lose enough weight for surgery. She fights back with him, telling him that she’s doing enough to try to lose weight. But, Dr. Now tells her that she isn’t losing enough weight fast enough.

Kenae Dolphus breaks down into hysteria as Dr. Nowzaradan tries to get her to understand her grave condition. And while Kenae feels she doesn’t have to take more time to lose weight, she says she’s going to keep on pushing. This is because she’s dedicated to succeeding

Also, she feels like she’s ready to get the surgery she needs to save her life.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan Gives Grave Update on Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life personality Dr. Nowzaradan says that Kenae Dolphus isn’t healthy enough to have her surgery. But, he also says if she doesn’t keep sizing down, she won’t make it long enough to have surgery.

Then, Dr. Nowzaradan says that she needs to visit other doctors to make sure her health is in check. This is so she can make sure her health is strong enough to be able to heal after surgery. However, Dr. Nowzaradan says that Kenae won’t survive the surgery. Next, he says that her body is getting close to a breaking point.

Also, the My 600-lb Life superstar Dr. Nowzaradan says Kenae isn’t going to live very long. So, he tells her to lose more weight to improve her chances of surviving.

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