‘My 600-lb Life’: Fans Freak Out – Dr. Nowzaradan Dead?

My 600-lb Life fans are freaking out over the latest update about the beloved Dr. Nowzaradan. After a recent post shared on social media, many people are growing concerned that he’s dead.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan’s Long & Difficult Journey

My 600-lb Life superstar Dr. Younan Nowzaradan has been working on the hit TLC show since 2012. Born on October 11th, 1944, Dr. Now is a bariatric surgeon. He focuses on helping patients lose enough weight to receive gastric bypass surgery.

This is all in hopes that he’ll be able to save the lives of morbidly obese individuals. Many personalities know about Dr. Nowzaradan because of his one-liner remarks that leave fans laughing. But, he’s a controversial medical professional. This is because some individuals feel like he’s “too blunt” and doesn’t have any bedside manner.

Also, former My 600-lb Life episode stars have spoken out against Dr. Now. One person, Samantha Mason, claims that he makes fun of his patients. And she says he doesn’t do enough to help with eating disorders.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan

Attempts to Expose Celebrity

My 600-lb Life star Dr. Nowzaradan is loved by many because of the witty remarks he makes. But, there are a few individuals who have tried to sue Dr. Now.

Colleen Shepherd placed a lawsuit against Dr. Now in 2007 and blamed him for causing the death of her daughter. Tina passed away after complications of her gastric bypass surgery.

While there are many patients who have passed away after their time on My 600-lb Life, there are only a few who have tried to blame Dr. Nowzaradan for the passing of these victims. Patients that require this type of surgery are already at high-risk of dying and have a short life expectancy because of their health. So, it’s not surprising that some patients in extremely poor health will pass away.

Now, My 600-lb Life superstar is focusing on developing a diet plan book for people who are interested in losing weight. In this book, he talks about the calorie plan that he provides all of his cases with. But, he explains that personalities who aren’t over 600 pounds will lose 20 pounds on his 1,200 calories a day meal plan.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life: Is Dr. Nowzaradan Dead?

My 600-lb Life followers are freaking out after a recent picture shared of Dr. Nowzaradan. In the picture, he’s wearing a surgical mask and surgical gear. But, the bottom part of the text says “2021.”

He’s talking about how 2021 is a year for a healthy lifestyle. Then, he says that the scale isn’t lying. Next, he’s encouraging individuals to follow his weight loss journey.

Supporters are freaking out about this. Also, one fan yells at him, telling him to “stop scaring” her. Another person says they thought he died. Another fan says she’s very scared because she’s worried that he’s dead. But, she’s really glad to know that he’s living.

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