‘My 600-lb Life’: Kenae Dolphus Drops Massive Weight – Can Now Fit in Car Finally

My 600-lb Life star Kenae Dolphus is starting her health journey and is losing a lot of weight. However, Dr. Nowzaradan isn’t happy with her results.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus Loses Minimal Weight

My 600-lb Life cast member Kenae Dolphus says she’s ready to lose the 500 pounds she needs to be healthy. However, Dr. Nowzaradan isn’t convinced she’s taking this seriously.

For Kenae Dolphus’ first two months, she’s given the task of losing 75 pounds by Dr. Nowzaradan. She says it’s impossible to drop this many pounds. Starting at a hefty 614 pounds, she’s excited to show off the 22 pounds she’s lost. Dr. Nowzaradan explains to Kenae that she’s not trying hard enough. Then, he says she needs to try harder. And that she needs to reach the goal he has set for her.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus

TLC Star Has Breakdown

My 600-lb Life reality TV cast member Kenae Dolphus isn’t happy with his opinion. Dr. Nowzaradan accuses Kenae of not following her diet. Her response is this “wow.” Dr. Now says that she can’t drop pounds magically. And, if that is what she is expecting, it won’t happen. Kenae tells him he is not a magician and he is not God. She says that she knows her God has more planned for her.

My 600-lb Life weight-loss professional Dr. Nowzaradan asks her if she wants to change her life. And, Kenae says if she wasn’t interested in changing, she wouldn’t be seeing him. Kenae Dolphus is upset by Dr. Now’s words and begs him to stop talking. She is crying because of what Dr. Now says to her. Kenae continues to tell Dr. Nowzaradan that losing 100 pounds in one month is not feasible or healthy. And, she tells him as a doctor, he should know this.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus Brags About Milestone

My 600-lb Life reality star Kenae now has to try harder to drop weight. She is upset by Dr. Nowzaradan’s remarks. He says for her to stop giving him attitude. Then, she blames her lack of progress on cleaning her house. She admits that physical exercise hurts her, and she was unable to do it. She is hyperventilating as she is talking to him. But, she eventually admits her weight problem is her fault and her fault only. Then, she admits she must try harder. However, she goes on to admit that she’s the problem. But, she attempts to praise herself for the goal she has reached.

Then, Kenae goes on to reveal to Dr. Now her weight loss milestone. Kenae tells Dr. Now her big accomplishment is that she can fit inside of her car. Also, she tells him that she can walk out to her car without the help of anyone in her family. But, Dr. Nowzaradan says that she still needs to keep losing weight.

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