‘My 600-lb Life’: Thederick Barnes is Dying Says Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes is in dangerously bad health, according to the latest news shared by Dr. Nowzaradan. Despite his latest weight loss efforts, things aren’t looking too good for Thederick’s future.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes Struggles with His Food Addiction

My 600-lb Life celeb Thederick Barnes says that he’s struggled with his weight since he was five years old. He says that the death of his great grandmother is the cause behind his weight gain.

And Thederick goes on to say that she died on Halloween night. And because he was so sad, he ate all of his candy. But, once he realized that he felt better, he kept eating a lot of food. Next, he says that when he graduated high school, he was 300 pounds.

But, his weight continued to balloon up. At 32 years old, he weight over 600 pounds. The last time he was weighed was when he was in the hospital. Then, he spent two days in the hospital with congestive heart failure. And Thederick Barnes ended up spending time in the ICU because of this.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes

Dr. Nowzaradan Learns About Celeb’s Eating Habits

My 600-lb Life favorite Dr. Nowzaradan says that Thederick Barnes can’t keep going on in the current condition that he’s in for much longer. As Dr. Now asks Thederick questions, he reveals more about his time suffering from congestive heart failure. But, he says that he had fluid around his heart, which was being pumped into his lungs.

Dr. Nowzaradan says that his heart is overworking to pump the blood. And he says that his heart isn’t able to catch up. He says that this condition is very dangerous.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Nowzaradan Gives Thederick Barnes Grave News

One My 600-lb Life, Dr. Nowzaradan says that Thederick Barnes isn’t too far off from the end of his life. He says that it’s important for Thederick’s mom to help him, because of his impaired judgment and thinking.

Dr. Nowzaradan says that there’s a lot going on with Thederick Barnes. He also says that he’s very concerned. And he says that it’s certainly not good that his weight is now over 740 pounds. Next, he says that it won’t take him long to have his weight creep up to over 800 or 900 pounds.

He says that if his weight creeps up that high, he’ll become “completely bedridden”. Dr. Nowzaradan says that it isn’t going to take long for Thederick’s body to start breaking down. And if this starts to happen, My 600-lb Life star Thederick is going to die.

Dr. Nowzaradan says that this future isn’t too far off for Thederick. And he warns Thederick to listen to his advice before his condition gets worse and he doesn’t make it.

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