‘My 600-lb Life’: Dr. Nowzaradan Says Melissa Marescot Dying

My 600-lb Life superstar Dr. Nowzaradan is sharing a heartbreaking update on Melissa Marescot‘s health. He’s revealing that she’s dying and that if she doesn’t get her weight under control soon, she won’t have much time left.

My 600-lb Life Reveal: Melissa Marescot Talks About Weight Gain

My 600-lb Life celeb Melissa Marescot is open about her weight and the reasons why she’s packed on pounds. She says her size depresses her and always has her feeling she’s lesser as a person. Also, she describes her presence as miserable because of her size. And she blames her misery on her dependency on food.

Many fans of the TLC show are talking about the strange eating habits of Melissa. She ends up making a tub of soup and a family-sized lasagna. But, what’s strange about it, is that she eats both of these meals standing in front of a mirror.

On My 600-lb Life, Melissa gives the explanation that food makes her feel like she does not have to feel at all. And that it fills up her emptiness on the inside. Also, she said eating inspires emotions that tell her she matters. Next, Melissa says that she blames most of the weight gain on her unstable childhood. She says then that her mother verbally abused her as a child.

My 600-lb Life: Melissa Marescot

Upsetting News from Dr. Nowzaradan

My 600-lb Life favorite Dr. Nowzaradan then offers a shocking update about Melissa’s health. After weighing herself, she learns that she currently weighs 592 pounds. But, she didn’t feel like her weight is as high as she was expecting it to be.

Then, Dr. Nowzaradan comes into the room to talk to Melissa Marescot. Next, he said, at her current size, she has a BMI of 115%. Also, he added that this is one of the highest BMIs that he’s ever seen.

Next, he goes into how Melissa Marescot lets her size affect her health. Plus, he told her because she’s under five feet tall, she’s only supposed to weigh around 90 pounds. Then, in the My 600-lb Life episode, he explains that this is a lot of extra pounds on Melissa’s body.

Dr. Nowzaradan says that Melissa Marescot has her breathing and circulation systems compromised because her weight’s excessive. Then, he explained that even if she got “something like a cold”, there’s a high probability that Melissa would die.

My 600-lb Life: Melissa Marescot

My 600-lb Life: Worried Dr. Nowzaradan Works to Save Melissa Marescot Life

My 600-lb Life personality Dr. Nowzaradan is working with Melissa Marescot in an attempt to save her life. He says the life expectancy for people that fall in Melissa’s category doesn’t typically go above 50 years old.

Next, he informed that Melissa’s currently in a very dangerous situation. But, he explains to her that her size is nearly six times what it should be. He warns that it’s not to be very long before every system in her body gives out. So, he’s working on helping her to build a better diet so that she can lose the pounds as quickly as possible.

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