‘My 600-lb Life’: Thederick Barnes 5 Shocking Food Habits

My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes is well-known for his ice cream addiction, but that’s not the only problem that he struggles with. There are several food habits that Thederick Barnes struggles with that separates him from other cast members.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes Struggles for a Better Life

My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes is struggling for a better life. He knows that if he isn’t able to get some of the extra pounds off quickly, he’s going to die. Also, he talks about how he was in the ICU because of how heavy he is.

He says that he went to the hospital because he was having problems breathing. After going to the ER, doctors told Thederick that he’s having congestive heart failure. And as a result, this left Thederick in the ICU for a few days.

While this was shocking to him and his family, this health-scare isn’t enough to stop Thederick from eating. He says that when he went to the hospital, he weighed over 660 pounds. But, he isn’t sure exactly how much he weighs currently.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes

Shocking Food Habits of TLC Star

My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes has some of the most shocking food habits. To start his day off, he gets out of bed to see the ice cream truck. And he says that this is the only exercise that he gets for the day. But, he says that it’s worth it so he can get the treats. Thederick admits to having an “account” with the ice cream company.

He orders three sodas, a nutty buddy, two bags of hot Funyuns, an ice cream sandwich, two fudge round pies, a strawberry shortcake, and a plain nutty buddy. He eats all of this for a snack and then moves on to lunch.

For lunch, he orders two large pizzas, a large order of wings, and cheesy bread for lunch. He eats all of this by himself. But, he’s not finished eating for the day.

Another shocking habit that Thederick has is drinking soda straight out of the bottle. Instead of getting a glass or a cup to drink out of, he drinks several 2-liters of soda straight from the bottle.

Plus, he takes candy from this mother on My 600-lb Life. After she comes back to the grocery store, he fills a grocery bag with different candy and snacks that she bought. He eats a whole bag of Takis, Skittles, soda, M&ms, and a sandwich as a snack.

And while he’s snacking, he lays down. This is because My 600-lb Life celeb is so large that he’s not able to sit up while he’s chewing.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes Weight Loss Success

On My 600-lb Life, Thederick Barnes goes to see Dr. Nowzaradan to get help. Even though he lives in Florida, he travels to Texas to get help from Dr. Now. And while he slips up several times in his weight loss journey, he loses enough to qualify.

However, Thederick doesn’t get the weight loss surgery that he’s working for. This is because his heart is too weak for it to be safe for him to get surgery. But, he’s still working on losing enough to take the strain off of his heart.

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