‘My 600-lb Life’: Steven Assanti Reveals All His Bits

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti is at it once again, making fans freak. This time he’s shaking his assets for the whole world to see when he made a video in the buff.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti How it Began

My 600-lb Life person of interest Steven Assanti is not the only person showcased on the popular TLC show. But over the years, while some people’s limelight fades away as fast as it came, Stevens has stayed on bright. The big man just does some outrageous things. Some say it’s not even to keep fans interested anymore. People are actually concerned there is something wrong with him.

Hospitals have kicked Steven out due to his terrible behavior towards nurses and other hospital staff. Once, Steven had a pizza delivered to the room he was admitted to for being overweight. This caused him to be discharged and left one man able to help. Dr. Nowzaradan is famous for his weight loss magic. As long as the people who cross his path prove they can handle gastric by-pass surgery, he will perform it on them.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Asssanti

How He Keeps Good Times Rolling

My 600-lb Life celebrity Steven Assanti has been known to abuse the pain pills he gets for his aches. Tricking doctors into giving in to him while he complains about his leg. With a smirk at his nurse, fans can see that it’s all a ruse. The way he acts on recent videos makes people think he may still have a pill problem. With him pulling out snot and consuming it for his followers to see, he might not be all there.

His wife tries to stand up for him says he’s a great guy, and she is so lucky to have him. She also says that if she is the only person who can see the good and kindness in him, then so be it. People are shocked to learn he is in a relationship, to begin with.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Asssanti

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Has Belly Wave to His Fans

Steven Assanti from My 600-lb Life makes the floors shake this time in his newest video to supporters without his clothes. Sporting around in his birthday suit to show off his stuff. His belly hangs low, and he jiggles it all around for all to see. You can see his legs, and before he shows it all, the camera falls over.

Steven can’t seem to stay out of the light. He loves to show off his body. And the comments are stirring about how he never changes his red shirt. Definitely, using that as one of his shock factors, who knows what he will do next? Can this TLC fan base take Steven’s antics anymore?

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