‘My 600-lb Life’: Steven Assanti Eats Boogers on Camera While Raging at Haters

My 600-lb Life superstar Steven Assanti did something really gross on camera while raging at “haters” and it involved boogies. In what may be a new low, the TLC alum went off in a rage while doing icky things as the camera rolled.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Rages at Fans

Steven Assanti from My 600-lb Life is taking some of his time to lash out at the people who support him and those that do not. Recently, he’s recorded himself singing songs while shirtless. And he’s danced around in a room in his home while he’s undressing.

With Steven Assanti showing off his body, it’s clear that he’s put on some weight. Plus, he admitted he reversed his gastric bypass. But, there are some viewers leaving unkind comments for Steven to read. Today, he yelled at My 600-lb Life followers telling him to get help and do better for himself.

Also, Steven referred to these individuals as “haters.” He’s even told one watcher to report him because he says he isn’t doing anything wrong. But, when a random person remarked “reported,” Steven waved his middle finger around on the camera. And that’s not the worst thing the My 600-lb Life alum did on camera today.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

Angry TLC Alum Gets Gross with Nose

My 600-lb Life personality Steven Assanti decided to pick his nose and show the ick on camera. He dug around in his nose and showed up-close shots of the inside of his snout. And he showed what he was pulling out if his nose in cringe-worthy moments.

Next, he pulled out a large boogie that was icky and bloody. He shows this off in front of the people watching him. Then, he compared the bloody booger to the people who don’t support him. And it only got worse from there with the My 600-Lb Life guy.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Gobbles up Something Gross

Steven Assanti showed a hunk of bloody mucus on his finger. Then, he stuck it in his mouth and appeared to eat it. Worst yet, he described what it tasted like — and said it wasn’t bad. He says the boogie was “flavorless.” Then, Steven went back to picking as My 600-Lb Life viewers watched in horror.

Later, Steven Assanti said his nose is flled with dry mucus just like “his haters.” He said people who don’t like him are “all dried up and snotty.” Also, he says he had to blow the mean characters out of his nostrils. So, this seems to be a very messy metaphor for how he views those that don’t like the My 600-Lb Life ex-cast member.

After Steven ate the bodily ick, he said it’s like he’s consuming the individuals who leave negative comments. The whole episode was disturbing to watch. And we have to wonder if this isn’t some sort of cry for help (or attention) from Steven Assanti.

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