‘My 600-lb Life’: Kenae Dolphus Writes Tearful Letter to Dead Mother

My 600-lb Life’s newest arrival Kenae Dolphus has break down about her mother’s death. A heart-wrenching moment shows the depths of her weight gain issues.

My 600-lb Life: A Life On Couch Cushions for Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life welcomed 614 pound, Kenae Dolphus on to their show this week. Keane talks bout her experience with family and death. Most importantly she talks about her weight gain and how it affects her life. Being so big she is living her life from couch cushions. Every morning she has her niece wash her. And, every day she needs her nephew to take her to the couch. Having the children she is raising take care of her because she can’t take care of her self eats at her.

Kenae Dolphus says she has her life experience to blame on her massive size. And, her story is full of love and heartbreak. Her husband, Rodney Dolphus, has been by her side the entire time she made her transition from everyday life to life on the couch. One could say she found love in a bloated place. But because, as her size grew so did their love.

My 600-lb Life Kenae Dolphus

Kenae Dolphus’ Tragic Back Story

My 600-lb Life star of the week, Kenae Dolphus talks about her experience with family and death. Then, goes on to talk about how after her sister lost her husband things have never been the same. She has taken on the hard work of raising her sister’s four children and being extremely overweight at the same time. She now not only cooks and cleans but also can’t walk to the couch on her own. The children are left to do the heavy lifting.

Kenae doesn’t hold back with telling viewers about her dealing with her mother’s death. Then, Kenae says that the feeling of losing her mother is horrendous. Also, that the pain of not having a mother is not something she can deal with or confront. She said she refuses to get over her death. Kenae says after six years of her mom being gone she is barely coping. She says if it wasn’t for food she would not have made it out of such a dark time.

My 600-lb Life Kenae Dolphus

My 600-lb Life: To the Grave and Back

My 600-lb Life reality tv personality, Kenae Dolphus lets the tears fall. So now, after years of not being able to get to her mom’s grave because of her size, she makes it. And, with advice from a professional counselor, she pulls out a letter she wrote to her dead mom.

In this sad letter to her mom, she tells her how has been sad and angry about her death. She tells her mom how life sucks without her. She doesn’t think about her mother’s death because she can just pretend she is still at home. Finally, Kenae is able to admit her mother is dead and it is her turn to live.

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