‘My 600-lb Life’: Shannon Lowery Suicide Horror Story

My 600-lb Life episode star Shannon Lowery attempted to commit suicide after a troublesome life event. Soap Dirt is here to share the latest updates in her recovery.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery Talks About Low Points in Life

On My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery admits that her rough childhood is the reason why she weighs over 730 pounds. Not only does she says she’s been raised by a lot of different people, but an unloving mother caused her to turn to food. While her father did his best to raise her, he was often busy working in the fast-food industry to make sure she was taken care of. So, Shannon admits that eating fast food brought her a lot of comfort and ultimately led to her gaining a lot of weight quickly.

However, she’s been able to break out of her sad childhood. This is because she’s now married to a husband she says she’s completely in love with. But, it doesn’t seem like Shannon from My 600-lb Life has left her past behind her.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

Reality-TV Episode Star Opens Up About Relationships

While getting a sponge bath from her husband on My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery says she doesn’t have a lot of people that are in her life. Then, she says the majority of the people she talks to are online. Also, she says without her online friends, she only has a relationship with her father, her husband, and her neighbors.

But, My 600-lb Life star Shannon Lowery doesn’t feel like her husband is there for complete emotional support. That’s because she admits that he has to help her get to the bathroom, get dressed, and other difficult tasks.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery Swallows 57 Pills for Suicide Attempt

On My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery says she didn’t just face difficulty while in her childhood. She’s also opening up about the time she’s tried to end her own life. After living with her mom and her stepfather, things weren’t going too well between Shannon and her stepfather. This is because he would often yell and get into fights with her mom.

Then, Shannon on My 600-lb Life says there was one day that completely changed her entire life. The only reason she says she’s living with her mother and stepfather is that she didn’t have anywhere else to go. But, her mum and stepdad fought, and things started to escalate. A concerned Shannon worries that her stepdad is going to physically hurt her mother, so she steps in the way.

The My 600-lb Life star Shannon Lowery reveals this is why she gets punched in the face. But, the fight didn’t stop there. Her stepdad ended up pointing a loaded gun at her because of her efforts in breaking up the physical altercation. After this, Shannon decides that she didn’t want to be alive anymore because she didn’t have any place to live. So, she went to a fast-food restaurant and sat on a curb. Shannon ended up taking a bottle of 57 pills and waited to die on the curb. But, a stranger calls 9-1-1 for help.

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