‘My 600-lb Life’: Shannon Lowery Held at Gunpoint

My 600-lb Life episode star Shannon Lowery‘s being held at gunpoint. As she fought for her life against her aggressor, she’s talking about how this moment changed her entire life.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery Feels Trapped

On My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery is opening up about how she thinks she’s trapped in her own body. This is because she isn’t able to do things for herself, such as get into a shower or clothe herself. Instead of being able to care for herself, she depends on her husband Simon to care for her. But, she admits that she doesn’t seem like he’s her husband anymore. Instead, Shannon says her relationship with her hubby makes him appear more like he’s her caretaker.

But, these senses aren’t stopping Shannon from My 600-lb Life from slowing down on her eating. Her husband Simon cooks breakfast for her and brings over two extra-large plates of food. Staked on these plates are pancakes, eggs, cinnamon buns, and an assortment of other breakfast treats. She’s able to scarf down both of these plates while her husband sits there to watch her eat.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

Sad Woman Tearfully Talks About Childhood

After getting her sponge bath on My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery’s talking about the difficult childhood she experienced growing up. She says her parents divorced when she’s young. So, she ends up getting “passed around” to a lot of different people. Then, she says she’s been raised by many people, including a stepmom.

As Shannon from My 600-lb Life is talking about her childhood, she tears up as she brings up her stepmother. She says her stepmom is what a parent should’ve been like. Then, she lists off an example of how the woman helped to raise her, such as getting her out of bed for school.

But, her father and her stepmother ended up divorcing. So, this caused My 600-lb Life star Shannon to feel alone and upset. However, Shannon’s dad reveals that her biological mum abandoned her in the hospital one day after Shannon Lowery was born. Then, he says the biological mom didn’t name her. This is his explanation about why there’s a strained relationship between the episode star and her mom.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery Held at Gunpoint

On My 600-lb Life, Shannon Lowery talks about living with her father. She says living with her dad was difficult because he was often working. She says he wasn’t ever home, so she didn’t have food to eat. Then, she says she used food whenever she felt lonely.

However, Shannon from My 600-lb Life says she went to live with her mother after working on repairing a relationship. But, she says her mother and stepdad padlock the fridge because they feel she’s really “fat.” After graduating high school, she went to live with her mother and her stepfather.

But, things didn’t go well for the TLC episode star Shannon after moving in with her mom. She says on My 600-lb Life that her stepdad ended up holding her at gunpoint after he punched her in the face. She says he pointed a loaded .22 at her head. Also, the reason why he punches her in the face is that she stepped in the way to prevent her mom from getting hit by him. Being held at gunpoint caused her to attempt suicide by overdosing on pain pills.

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