‘My 600-lb Life’: Shannon Lowery’s Husband a ‘Killer Vampire’?

My 600-lb Life star Shannon Lowery has recently come out of the closet as a furry. But her husband may have a bigger, more exciting identity hiding in the shadows.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon and Her Man – How They Met

My 600-lb Life personality Shannon Lowery and her husband Simon Johnson met online a few years ago. They got married and have been stuck together ever since. He doesn’t even leave the house to go to work because he is her caretaker. When Shannon decided to make the change to lose weight, of course, Simon had some worries.

Not only would he lose his job, but he talks about how Shannon’s weight at almost 800 pounds is an essential part of his attraction to her. Simon does say that he loves her and wants her to be healthy above all things overall. So he has made it his mission to help her lose weight. He encourages her to get up and walk and helps cook healthy meals for her. He is even moving all the way down to Houston, Texas, to keep encouraging her.

My 600-lb Life: Simon Johnson

They Have A Great Collection

My 600-lb Life features Shannon Lowery and her husband Simon Johnson, trying as hard as they can to make Shannon healthy and save her life. Once look around their apartment, you can see that they are very interested in a lot of things. These things include stuff like Pokemon, paintings, and video games. Of course, Shannon has what she identifies as a purple cat/wolf, not only in pictures but also tattooed on her.

Shannon shares many variations of her character on social media. Only recently has she changed her profile pic to her actual face. She even sports kitty ears in the show while she is being interviewed about her life. With her being able to express herself, her husband does the same.

My 600-lb Life: Simon Johnson

My 600-lb Life: Shannon and Simon

Shannon Lowery from My 600-lb Life is not the only person expressing who they are online. Her husband, Simon Johnson, shows off a dark, mysterious side. Only posts about the devil and vampires. He says that he’s worked on witchcraft and works as a Vampire.

He comes off as a very quiet man but seems to be a very loving husband. It’s great that they support each other with what they want to do in life. Whether or not they are their real selves or their boring human counterparts. Many “Furries” stand with Shannon, saying they are excited to have her as a part of their community. One can only hope the outside world excepts her husband too.

My 600-lb Life has daily updates if you know where to look. The best place is Soap Dirt.