‘My 600-lb Life’: Shannon Lowery Out of the Furry Closet

My 600-lb Life star Shannon Lowery hinted subtly at something during the show that viewers may have missed. Her online profile says it all, though.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Has a Hard Life

My 600-lb Life featured Shannon Lowery recently, and she has really shocked fans with her size. Weighing almost 750 pounds, she definitely has a long road ahead of her. When Shannon was born, her mother left her in the hospital to be given up for adoption. Thankfully her father stepped up to take care of her as much as he could. When her father married her stepmom, everything changed.

Of course, for the better. She says her stepmom was everything a mom should be. She was taken care of, loved, and properly fed. When they got divorced, she stayed as an only child with her dad. Since he worked at a fast-food place, that is pretty much all she ate. Jumping from couch to couch all her life landed her with a gun pointed in her face. Eventually, she tried to overdose in a parking lot. Someone saw her and got her an ambulance, and she started to see a point in living. After that, she met her future husband, and things got better.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

She is More Than Her Size

My 600-lb Life personality Shannon Lowery may not have come out and said it straight to the cameras, but others from the show have. Former castmates call out to fans of the show to ask them to look past their size and see them as more than a weight. It might be hard to look past all 739 pounds that Shannon is carrying, but these castmates make a good point.

One look around Shannon’s house, and you can see the things she likes. Things like pokemon and paintings. Shannon also shows off that she is a little quirky with her cat ears. But maybe her obsessions go deeper than some fans may even think to notice. One look on social media can give someone a deeper look into her life.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

My 600-lb Life: Shannon’s Out Of the Closet

Shannon Lowery from My 600-lb Life is out of the closest and seems to have been for some time. Even getting a tattoo to keep a daily reminder. She sports a purple cat/wolf tattoo to show off how she identifies. She is a furry, and while she can’t fit in a suit that doesn’t mean she doesn’t embrace the lifestyle.

Almost all her pictures on social media revolve around this purple cat/wolf character. Even her profile pic. It’s unclear how fans feel about this, but one can be certain true fans will be supportive. Shannon still has a long weight loss journey ahead of her.

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