‘My 600-lb Life’: Michael Blair’s Deadly Car Accident

My 600-lb Life star Michael Blair got into a nearly fatal car accident. Soap Dirt is here to share the latest updates about his recovery.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair Opens Up About Rough Childhood

On My 600-lb Life, Michael Blair talks about why he’s struggling so much managing his health. Instead of focusing on pursuing his passions in life, he’s focused on the terrible experiences he suffered through as a child. Not only was Michael bullied terribly as a child, but he was also molested by a trusted camp counselor. It was only later in life did Michael finally start building confidence in himself.

However, Michael purposefully ate large amounts of food to keep himself protected. He says on My 600-lb Life that he realizes that predators aren’t interested in him because of his size. So, he started to eat more as a way to stay safe from more emotional harm.

Michael Blair on My 600-lb Life says that he was teased terribly in high school. Also, he notes that a lot of the teasing he endured while in school was a lot more psychological. This caused him to develop agoraphobia.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair

Sad Celeb Finally Finds Success

While filing My 600-lb Life, Michael Blair says that after he graduated high school, he started to find jobs that made him happy. Not only did he keep himself active by participating in mixed martial arts, but this sport allowed him to find a job. So, he started working as a bouncer at a bar.

Then, Michael from My 600-lb Life gets together with a few of his friends who want to connect him with a friend of theirs. He describes this “friend” as a black blur who darted towards him by giving him a bug. This is how he describes meeting his wife, Kimberly.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair Gets Nearly Fatal Car Accident

During My 600-lb Life, Michael Blair explains how after the birth of their first child, Kimberly gained a lot of weight. He blames his eating habits for the reason why Kimberly put on a lot of pounds. So, the husband and wife duo work together for gastric bypass surgery approval. First, Kimberly’s approved and works to quickly slim down.

After receiving his approval, Michael got into a nearly fatal car wreck. He says the accident was a “pretty bad one.” Then, he goes on to explain that he ended up rolling his car four times. Next, he explains that he took out a fire hydrant and a lamppost during the accident.

This cause Michael from My 600-lb Life to lose his spleen via surgical removal. But, the scar tissue in his abdomen was too thick for him to still get the gastric bypass surgery.

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