‘My 600-lb Life’: Michael Blair Got Heavy On Purpose – Here’s Why

My 600-lb Life star Michael Blair says he gained his significant size on purpose. But why would anyone do that and put their health and life at risk? Michael tells people why he intentionally packed on pounds.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair True Size

My 600-lb Life insert of the week Michael Blair is trying to be the best husband and father he can be. He says food has destroyed his life already. It’s his worst nightmare and best friend because of how it feels to eat. Michael says while living with his grandmother, she kept him feed, helping him get to 150 pounds at seven years old.

Michael now lives with his wife and his kids, only eating and playing video games. He says he hates that his wife has to powder him up like a baby after his bath. And if she doesn’t, his folds can grow fungus. At 609 pounds, he has no choice but to get help from her. He hopes he can lose enough weight so she can be his wife instead of his caretaker. Michael Blair knows the path to that is hard but knows it’s necessary to take.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair

Food Doesn’t Equal Love

My 600-lb Life is featuring the weight loss journey of Michael Blair. This 600-pound big man has a tragic time starting this journey. And this is because he has lived it before. Throughout his life, he has made huge strides in his weight gain. But he always comes back to food as a comfort for him. He says when things depress him, he eats the pain away. Michael’s done a daily workout before with martial arts and lost 100 pounds.

Michael Blair met his wife, and it was love at first sight. They had their first son, and everything was going great. When they decide to have a second son, they knew their weight was out of hand. Both Michael and his wife were approved for weight loss surgery. Only his wife ended up getting it, and this is because Michael was in a terrible car accident and couldn’t anymore.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair - Kimberly Blair

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair Tells Why He Gained Weight

Michael Blair from My 600-lb Life shares the heartbreaking reason why he gained all his weight. He was trying to escape a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from. When he was eleven years old, his mother signed him up for a camp trip where one of his counselors was a pedophile. Michael said the best way for him to escape the abuse was to eat and gain weight so he would be targeted less.

This tactic worked but left him emotionally scarred and affected the weight for the rest of his life. He made it his mission to get bigger, and by the time Michael Blair had reached fourteen years old, he was 250 pounds.

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