‘My 600-lb Life’: Michael Blair Weight Loss Update

My 600-lb Life star Michael Blair is working carefully to drop the excess pounds he’s carrying around. After realizing that death’s going to come for him quickly if he doesn’t start creating better habits, he’s ready to put in the hard work and effort.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair & His Eating Disorder

On My 600-lb Life, Michael Blair is open about how he has difficulty overeating. He says that he loves eating, but he doesn’t love how it’s killing him. However, he doesn’t stop feeding because he finds so much comfort in it.

Also, Michael from My 600-lb Life talks about how he grew up with his mother and his grandmother. But, his grandmother always wanted to make sure he was full. So, he tends to gorge a lot while he was a child. But, Michael Blair admits that sometimes he’ll consume so much to the point where it causes his stomach to hurt.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair

Celeb Uses Food for Protection

Michael Blair from My 600-lb Life talks about how he uses food to keep himself safe. He says as a child, he was molested. This happened to him while he was away at camp for scouts. He says he was forced to go down slides without any clothes on. Also, he had to wrestle other boys his age, even though neither of them wore pants. Plus, he accuses a counselor of touching him.

But, Michael on My 600-lb Life admits that he wasn’t hurt as badly as some of the other kids in the camp were. He believes that the man who hurt him wasn’t as attracted to him because of his size. So, he started to consume more to keep himself protected as a child.

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair

My 600-lb Life: Michael Blair Success with Weight Loss

On My 600-lb Life, Michael Blair is afraid that he’s going to weigh over 700 pounds. At the start of his journey, he weighs in at 609-lb. While he says he wasn’t expecting the scale to be as high as it was, he’s happy it wasn’t higher. However, he has four months to drop more than 100-lb.

Also, Michael works with Dr. Paradise on a lot of his emotional problems. This helps him to stay focused while he’s slimming down, making his entire journey much easier. At the last appointment, Michael attends with Dr. Nowzaradan, he’s down 135 pounds. His new weight is 474-lb.

Michael Blair from My 600-lb Life is excited about the progress he makes. However, he’s even more excited after talking to Dr. Nowzaradan. Since he’s close enough to the 150-lb goal, Dr. Now approves him for hernia surgery. This takes Michael one step closer to getting the gastric bypass surgery he wants.

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