‘My 600-lb Life’: Christina Phillips Pregnant – Season 2 Cast Update

My 600-lb Life star Christina Phillips is announcing her pregnancy, as well as when she’s going to deliver her baby. This latest life update is exciting news after the difficult weight loss journey that Christina faced.

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips Journey to Weight Loss

Christina Phillips faced a difficult road while trying to lose a few pounds. At the age of 22, she weighed in at 708 pounds. And she was completely dependent upon everyone in her family to take care of her when she was at her heaviest size on My 600-lb Life .

But, she decided that enough was enough and went to go see Dr. Nowzaradan. Then, Dr. Now put Christina Phillips on a strict diet to get her weight to lose enough to perform gastric bypass surgery.

So, Christina started taking her health seriously on My 600-lb Life. She was able to drop enough pounds to get approved for surgery. But, not every step of her path was a success for Christina. Christina’s first husband, Zach, ended up divorcing her.

Yet, My 600-lb Life lead Christina didn’t stop pushing herself for better health. And she ended up losing over 520 pounds at the end.

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips

TLC Star Develops Second Eating Disorder

My 600-lb Life alum Christina Phillips dropped a lot of weight after her surgery. But, she went from one extreme to another. Dr. Nowzaradan talked about being concerned about Christina, because of the second disorder that she developed.

This came after she told Dr. Now that she was only consuming up to 400 calories a day. And this caused Dr. Nowzaradan to become upset because she isn’t eating enough calories each day. Also, she told Christina that her body fat is too low because he’s able to see her collar bones.

But, My 600-lb Life’s Christina blames this new eating disorder on still seeing herself as morbidly obese. After talking about this with her doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan encourages her to see a therapist.

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips

My 600-lb Life: Pregnancy Reveal by Christina Phillips

My 600-lb Life personality Christina Phillips revealed that she’s pregnant. She posted pictures of herself, still looking thin, holding up pictures of her ultrasound. Also, she shows off holding a pregnancy test that reads “positive.”

In addition, she shows a young boy wearing a shirt that says his “aunt” is holding his “new best friend” in her stomach. He’s got a large grin on his face and is holding two sets of ultrasound pictures in his hands.

Plus, we discovered that My 600-lb Life celebrity Christina Phillips should welcome her baby on February 13, 2021, if she delivers on her due date. Also, we discovered her baby registry but noted the items are gender-neutral, so no sign yet if it’ll be a boy or girl. Check back here to find out.

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