‘My 600-lb Life’: Isaac Martinez Goes Into Cardiac Arrest

My 600-lb Life star Isaac Martinez went into cardiac arrest. Soap Dirt is here to share updates about his recovery.

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez’s Dangerous State of Health

My 600-lb Life‘s Isaac Martinez isn’t doing well with managing his health. Instead of spending time taking care of himself, this 23-year-old is dedicated to taking care of his mother’s health. Also, she’s struggled with her health for the majority of the time while Isaac grew up. Not only did she have a stroke when he was still young, but she’s recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

All of the stress that Isaac from My 600-lb Life is suffering through is causing him to eat a lot. So, he’s constantly eating large portions. Since he’s the main caretaker of his mom and other people in his family, he doesn’t choose to cook healthy meals. Plus, he hides his feelings away by eating large quantities of food.

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez

Celeb Tries to Turn Life Around

On My 600-lb Life, Isaac Martinez realizes that there’s a lot in his life that he can’t do because of his size. So, he’s ready to dedicate himself to changing his life around. Not only is he willing to start cooking healthier for himself, but he wants to provide his entire family with higher-quality dishes.

Also, Isaac from My 600-lb Life starts to take exercising seriously too. As he’s working to improve how he’s taking care of himself, he’s facing constant setbacks. That’s because his mother keeps getting sick. The stress of her chemotherapy causes him to have “bad days.”

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez

My 600-lb Life: Isaac Martinez Goes Into Cardiac Arrest

On My 600-lb Life, Isaac Martinez is openly admitting how bad his health has gotten. He admits that food’s never failed to make him happy because it’s always been a comfort to him. After eating, he says he feels full and that makes him feel happy. Then, he says food’s always been there for him and it’s always been a constant that he’s had.

However, he realizes that his food dependency causes him to be trapped in his body. Isaac from My 600-lb Life says he isn’t living or doing anything with his life. Also, he feels like he lives in constant fear because he isn’t sure if he’s going to make it through the day. He knows what his weight’s doing to him and he’s afraid his body is giving up on him.

Next, Isaac Martinez from My 600-lb Life says he suffered through cardiac arrest at 22 years old. After going through this major health event, he ended up spending a week in a coma. But, he says that this event didn’t scare him as much as the possibility of losing his mom.

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