‘My 600-lb Life’: Irene Walker in Abusive Relationship

My 600-lb Life star Irene Walker has shown the world she has had a tough past and is willing to change all that. But first, she needs to get past her abusive relationship.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker and Food

My 600-lb Life personality Irene Walker has struggled with her weight. When fans first meet her, they see just how much of a food addiction she has. She explains and shows how one phone call to a friend or family member can get her a family-size fried chicken meal or a cheeseburger mountain. Irene says she sits and eats all day.

Most people on the show say that is what they do, but for Irene, she really means it. Her life is someone walking through her front door every hour on the hour, with a sack of greasy food for her to eat. She says this is her daily routine. Eating until she falls asleep. Her son fears that she is killing herself this way. Irene has eaten herself to near death at 603 pounds.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker

TLC Star Has More Than A Food Addiction

My 600-lb Life features Irene Walker and her journey to lose weight. And she talks a lot about the way she abuses food but also mentions drug abuse. She says that while she was a mother of five on her own, it was hard to get by. For a while, she lived with her parents, but Irene had a very tragic two years.

Irene says that within 2 years, her mother, father, sister, and aunt died. She doesn’t say how but she says it hurts. She was brought to a shelter with her children but fell in with the wrong crowd. She says four of her children were taken away due to her drug addiction. Her oldest was eighteen, so he chose to leave on his own. Irene says her series of unfortunate events started with one man.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker the Start of it All

Irene Walker from My 600-lb Life talks about what happened in her life and where she thinks all her problems started. She says by the time she was fourteen, she was 250 pounds, and that made high school hard. But when she met her first boyfriend at sixteen, it quickly turned into an abusive relationship. He was physically and mentally abusive towards her.

After she got pregnant with his child, he left her, and when she was seventeen, she was a single mother. Over the next few years, she would turn to drugs and have 4 more children after that. Now she is on a weight loss journey to turn her life around before it’s too late.

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