‘My 600-lb Life’: Irene Walker Pregnant Again?

My 600-lb Life star Irene Walker is open about how she’s had a rough past. While she’s had several children in the past, it seems like she might be expecting another one on the way.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker Flaunts Poor Eating Habits

In My 600-lb Life, Irene Walker talks about how exhausted she feels every day. However, she blames her lack of energy on the quality of the food she’s eating. Also, she says most of her time throughout the day is spent waiting on people bringing her food and her enjoying different snacks. After showering herself, she waits for her family members or friends to bring her food.

While filming My 600-lb Life, Irene’s first snack of the day is from Popeyes. She’s chewing on a family-sized chicken, with fries, and biscuits. Shortly after she’s finished, Irene waits on her niece to bring her more. Then, her family member shows up and brings her three meals from Burger King. In these meals, there are three cheeseburgers, a large tater-tot, two large fries, and three large sodas.

Irene Walker from My 600-lb Life sloppily eats these meals. She gets large clumps of mayo on her face and doesn’t take the chance to wipe her face clean.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker

Episode Celeb Talks Rough Upbringing

Irene Walker on My 600-lb Life admits that she’s struggling with addiction because of her childhood. At first, she says her parents divorced while she and her sister were very young. This is because her father was physically abusive to her mother. So, her mom had to work really hard to take care of her and her older sister.

Then, Irene goes on to say because her mother worked a lot, she was fed a lot of fast food growing up. Also, there would be times where she wasn’t hungry, but she would finish her meal to make sure nobody would take it from her. On My 600-lb Life, Irene says she started dating at the age of 16. That’s when she finds out she was pregnant, but she isn’t very happy about it. She says it’s because her boyfriend was emotionally and physically abusive. But, she ended up having her firstborn son at 17.

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker

My 600-lb Life: Irene Walker Pregnant Again?

On My 600-lb Life, Irene Walker goes on to talk about how much she’s struggled through her life. Irene says that after she left the father of her child, she lives with her mom. But, in a span of two years, her mother, aunt, father, and older sister all passed away.

After losing so many people in her family, Irene from My 600-lb Life is homeless. She says she ends up spending her nights at friend’s houses or the houses of the men she was dating. Also, because of this, she ends up getting pregnant four more times. However, she isn’t pregnant again. She’s still focusing on losing more weight so that way, she can stay approved to receive gastric bypass surgery.

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