‘My 600-lb Life’: Paula Jones Shares Amazing Weight Loss Update

My 600-lb Life alum Paula Jones is definitely one of the most memorable people from the show. She shares a weight loss update that makes fans excited.

My 600-lb Life: Paula Jones Explains Herself

My 600-lb Life star Paula Jones has definitely put in the work to bring herself out of the dark hole she was in. After her husband died from being overweight, she knew she was on a similar path if things did not change. She wanted to make a change for her children so she would not just be a box on their mantel.

Paula says all her life she’s been big but never minded it. It really only hit her when her eight-year-old told her she didn’t want her to die. With that heartbreaking plea, she made her way to Houston, Texas, to get started on her journey. At first, it’s hard for her not to make up excuses on why she’s not losing enough weight. But she also knows that she will die if she doesn’t buckle down and just do it.

 My 600-lb Life: Paula Jones

Gastric By-Pass is The Key

My 600-lb Life’s very own Paula Jones is one of the people lucky enough to get the weight loss surgery the show provides. If someone does not work hard enough to prove that they want to lose weight, they will be denied the surgery opportunity. Paula worked hard and managed to drop enough weight on the scale to be the right candidate for it.

After she’s gotten the surgery, she is featured in a where are they now where she gets to below 300 pounds. That’s 200 pounds less from when she was first weighed. At this point, she’s able to take care of her children and not have them take care of her. She says forgiveness is something that has allowed her to step towards these goals in life. She says that she plans to continue to lose weight.

 My 600-lb Life: Paula Jones

My 600-lb Life: Where is Paula Jones Now?

Paula Jones from My 600-lb Life is doing fantastic, and fans are impressed. After she reached out on social media to tell people not to believe everything they see on the show, she shared a picture that shows she accomplished what she set out to do. It looks like she is officially under 200 pounds, and fans’ jaws are dropping.

Paula tells people that she will not hide behind a computer because she is proud of herself. She appreciates everything the show did for her and her weight loss journey but lets it be known that a lot of it is twisted for ratings. She is seriously a success story and an inspiration to her followers. Fans tell her to ignore the hate because she is doing amazing.

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