Meghan Markle’s Family Circus Prompts Queen to ‘Bang a Few Heads Together’ In the Palace?

Meghan Markle’s family and their apparent need to paint Meghan in a bad light have caused much angst among the Royal Family. This is especially true for Queen Elizabeth, according to the latest reports. The result of this, it is said to have left Meghan “deeply hurt and embarrassed,” which was reported by News AU today.

Oddly enough insiders are blaming the palace aids for the debacle with Meghan Markle’s family. It is even suggested that Queen Elizabeth is about to bang some heads together for ignoring the Markles from the get-go.

Meghan Markle Mortified

Veteran royal watcher Phil Dampier is the author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their Own Words. He recently weighed in on Meghan’s family problem. There’s not much doubt that she is embarrassed and living life waiting for the next disparaging comment to come along.

This is not only embarrassing to Meghan Markle, but her father and her half-sister have said some very inappropriate things about Prince Harry’s family as well. This is mortifying the entire Royal Family. Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, has upped the ante with his latest interview.

He blatantly described his daughter as having a “sense of superiority.” Furthermore, he claims she is sending him “mixed messages.” The elder Markle called the Royal Monarch an “ancient institution, stuck in its ways.” These are his daughter’s in-laws he is talking about.

Thomas Markle Ups the Ante

He also played what some might call a martyr. Thomas Markle did this by saying it might be better for Meghan Markle if he just died. The most disparaging words came from Meghan’s father dragging the name of the late Princess Diana into his rant.

Prince Harry is very protective of his mother’s memory and this had to get his ire up. This also had to hurt Meghan Markle who idolizes her new husband and his family.

Three Crisis Meetings at Palace Over Meghan Markle’s Family

Things with the Markle family have gotten so bad that not one, but three top-level crisis meetings were called among the palace aides. They are trying to come up with a plan on how to deal with the Markles.

This can only get worse as Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has joined a reality show. Not just any reality show, but Britain’s version of Celebrity Big Brother. This show’s theme is “scandal” and the season’s title is “Eye of the Storm.”

She is expected to dish some dirt out while staying in the Big Brother house. Surprisingly, Dampier sees this mess as the fault of the palace and the way they’ve handled Meghan’s family from the beginning.

Markle Family Mess Created By Palace?

Since Prince Harry has never met his father-in-law, this was not handled well from the get-go. They’ve spoken on the phone, but that is far from a face to face meeting. Dampier believes the Markle family should have been dealt with even before Meghan and Prince Harry were married.

He believes before things get any worse, Meghan should intervene. Dampier suggests sending Meghan and Harry out to see her father or invite him to London. Dampier also suggests that at the very least, the Royals should send a senior courtier to “placate” the elder Markle.

The courier could smooth the way for Meghan and Harry to visit. It was “poor palace judgment from the start,” said Dampier.  Thomas Markle and his children should have been befriended by palace representatives even before the Royal Wedding.

Queen Elizabeth Predicted To Bang A Few Heads Together Over Markle Debacle

It is at this point in the interview where Dampier claims it wouldn’t surprise him a bit if “behind the scenes, Queen Elizabeth is starting to bang a few heads together.” This would be for the lack of attention given to the Markle clan resulting in this mess.

Other Royal watchers have suggested Meghan has three choices in how she deals with this. Those options would be “speak to him (Thomas Markle) directly and ask him to stop.” “Or get an intermediary to meet with him,” which is easy enough to do. Last and more drastic than the other options – “cut him off for good in a desperate hope he will stop.”

Markle Family Not About To Stop?

Another Royal expert weighed in on the Markle mess. Author of the book, Harry: Conversations With The Prince, Angela Levin talked about Meghan’s feelings. She believes Meghan is putting on a brave front. But realistically she has to be troubled by her “father’s antics.”

She also believes Meghan is on edge worrying about what could come next where her father is concerned.

Levin doesn’t believe Meghan’s family is going to stop. She also said, “the half-brother and sister seem to imagine the nastier they are about her, the more likely she will come back and be a part of their family. But it doesn’t work like that, does it?”

Meghan’s nephew, Tyler Markle, now has an upcoming reality show on MTV here in the states. There is no end to what this family will do to make money off Meghan’s fame. Levin also believes part of this problem falls on the lap of the palace aides as they failed to bring Thomas Markle “into the fold” from the get-go.

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