Meghan Markle: Greedy Estranged Family – 3 Reality Shows in the Works

Meghan Markle now has three family members with dollar signs in their eyes rumored to have joined reality shows. Her father, Thomas Markle, her half-sister Samantha Markle, and now her nephew, Tyler Markle, are all rumored to be budding reality stars on Meghan’s coattails.  Meghan has made the Markle name famous and now that side of her family has jumped on the bandwagon in a search for fame.

Meghan Markle’s Father Aims Crass Comments Her Way

The latest interview from Meghan Markle’s father was jaw-dropping. He was cruel and rather crass when talking about Meghan and how “she would be nothing without him.” Up until now, the most outspoken and spiteful Markle family member appeared to be Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle. After this latest interview by her father, Thomas Markle, he might now take the lead.

MTV Reality Show for Nephew

As if having an outspoken father and sister out to mortify Meghan wasn’t enough, in jumps her nephew. Meghan’s nephew is the son of her half-brother. The nephew’s name is Tyler Markle who is reportedly getting his own reality show on MTV.

Tyler has been taking advantage of the famous Markle name for some time now. He is in the marijuana growing business in Oregon. The 36-year-old named his company “Royally Grown.” He’s even named a strain of cannabis after Meghan in honor of the Royal Wedding. That would be “Markle Sparkle.”

This nephew of Meghan’s has already benefited from her fame. With that said, now he is taking it a step further with a reality show all his own. According to this media site, the producers of this new show are fascinated by Tyler and his family and how different their lives are from Meghan.”

They also think the “viewers will love him and the rest of the Dooleys and become gripped by their soap opera lives.” Just what does this mean for Meghan?  It is feared this will only bring more mortifying quips about her on TV.

While the MTV reality show is based in the US, Meghan’s sister has confirmed she’s joining Celebrity Big Brother in Britain.

Celebrity Big Brother for Father-Daughter Duo?

According to the latest rumors reported in The Metro, “Celebrity Big Brother theme heavily hints at Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, joining this year’s epic line-up.” The show’s theme is “scandal” and the title of the season is “Eye of the Storm.” Both Thomas and Samantha Markle fit into that category as they’ve been the eye of the storm in headlines.

A spokesperson for the bookmakers Paddy Power said that the title of the Celebrity Big Brother show fits Meghan’s father. They claim that “few people fit that brief better than Thomas Markle.” It was after his explosive interview with the Daily Mail that published over the weekend that rumors spawned about him joining that show.

Meghan Markle Cuts Family Out of Her Life

The elder Markle claims he is stunned over Meghan cutting him out of her life. Thomas Markle’s words about his daughter over the weekend dropped jaws on both sides of the pond. Thomas Markle told the reporter, “What riles me is Meghan’s sense of superiority. She’d be nothing without me. I made her the Duchess she is today. Everything that Meghan is, I made her.”

He was what some may call spiteful in this interview, bashing the Royal Family as well. Meghan’s father believes they are trying to “silence him. He claims that he always had a phone number to get in touch with his daughter and one to get a hold of her top aide. Since he had a few “critical things” to say about the Royal Family, he claims they cut her off from his calls. He no longer has a working number to get a hold of his daughter.

Almighty Dollar

Thomas and Samantha Markle are getting paid for these interviews and their appearances on TV and radio shows. Samatha brags that she was in the media before Meghan’s windfall of a marriage. Is she trying to kid herself that she is getting all this attention on her own accord? As far as Meghan’s father is concerned, he is living in Mexico with rumored tax problems keeping him south of the border.

Meghan, who is a millionaire in her own right from her time on the popular TV show Suits, has cut her father out of her life. It is not known if Meghan was helping her family financially before this, but if she was… it is probably cut-off as well.

Royal Family Infuriated With Meghan Markle’s Family

It is not only Meghan that is embarrassed by all this attention her estranged family is awarded. The Royal Family are said to be furious at Markle’s behavior. He had the audacity to drag in his son-in-law’s late mother into his interview. He claims that Princess Diana would “loath” the treatment the Royal Family has shown him. This is Prince Harry’s mother and he is very protective of her memory. Furthermore, both Harry and William are not fond of the media.

The night Princess Diana died the paparazzi was giving chase to the car she was riding in. They wanted that money shot. Many people still believe the high-speed chase of those reporters and photographers contributed to the fatal accident. With Harry’s tainted view of the media, he has to be upset that Markle dragged his late mother into his spiteful rant.

Now with reality shows looming for three of the Markle clan, Meghan has to very worried about the next round of tainted views aimed at her by her own family. Once again, who needs enemies with family members like this?

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